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Best Tiktok Video Editing Tips

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 17, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

If you want to blow up on Tik Tok, you've come to the right place! This platform is skyrocketing since 2018 and has become one of the leading platforms on the internet today. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that in this day and age, Tik Tok is a meritocracy that gives every uploaded video a chance by showing it to a smaller audience on the 'For You Page'. With 1 BILLION active users each month and with the highest number of downloads in the App Store and Play Store, you know which platform takes the lead

When your video is doing better and better, it's known that Tik Tok will continue to push it to more and more

people across the platform. When this happens, you can see that in the first few hours if your video is going

viral or not. Ready for the ride?

Let's get started!

In this article
  1. 1. Create your Tik Tok account
  2. 2. Make your first video
  3. 3. Upload your video and optimize it
  4. 4. Promote it across social media
  5. 5. Reply to comments
  6. 6. Consistency is key

1. Create your Tik Tok account

Step1Download and open the Tik Tok app on your Android or iPhone.

Step2Click on 'Sign up with phone number or email'

Step3Use your email address or phone number to create your account

Step4Agree to the rules and finish your setup

After you completed these steps, you can choose a username, password, bio and profile picture to dress up

your profile and make it ready to be seen by the world! Choose a profile picture that clearly shows who is

running the account, along with a biography that describes who you are, what you do, where you are from, and other information that really creates a connection with the viewer that is visiting your profile.

Afterwards, the last thing you need to do is confirm your phone number by entering a code y ou get by SMS or a code you get by email, so Tik Tok knows you are the creator of the account. We highly recommend completing this step because you might get a lot of restrictions if you don't confirm your account.

2. Make your first video

Now that your Tik Tok account is set and ready to, it's time to start filming your first Tik Tok! Exciting, isn't it? It might look a little bit scary as your videos could be seen by millions of people, but the important thing is that you can practice as much as you can before shooting the real one. By doing this you are getting more

comfortable by getting in front of the camera and that you are used to the feeling resulting in better videos !

We all know what the first thing is that pops up when you open the app. A lot of pranks, jokes, relating stories,

dances, and so much more. We know that your dance videos are not that likely to go viral. Tik Tok works with

algorithms, just like other platforms so we're more likely to go viral by telling a touching and interesting story.

It can be about something that you recently experienced, a goal people should strive to, or something random

that happened last week, by doing this you're keeping the viewer engaged and creates a connection.

Just like YouTube and Instagram, people love learning by watching videos, so the time is spent being

productive. If you have a certain skill in a particular topic, you can use that as an idea to make instructional or

informational videos to help people and offer some great value.

For people that hear less or more importantly, for everyone watching the videos with the sound turned all the

way down, using text over the screen is a savior for guiding the viewer throughout your video. People also like shopping on Tik Tok, finding inspiration for fashion, or product reviews, so sharing the products you know and love is ideal to gain traction!

3. Upload your video and optimize it

A little tip we want to give you; if you can include anything controversial, that will always be beneficial. People

love to give their opinion on things online. If there is a topic where a lot of people have different opinions, for

example if pineapple belongs on pizza or not.

You can create a video and ask people to leave comment whether or not it is appropriate to have pineapple on pizza. It creates a discussion which is perfect for increasing your engagement in the comment section, but

always monitor your comments and keep it nice. We believe that if a video has a lot of bad words/negative

discussion, it could harm the way Tik Tok pushes it to protect younger viewers from reading offensive language on their app.

At the end of the day, 30% of users are under 18 years old. Tik Tok is very strict on this but at the beginning

when you receive not many comments just yet, it's quite easy to monitor. Once you get more traction, you can set up word filters that automatically are blocked so you don't have to watch every comment section every single day.

Now that your video is ready for publication, it's time to give it a good description, tags and don't forget the

hashtags, one you should include for the best performance is #FYP so it lands on the 'For You Page' where the majority of the viewers are scrolling. This way your video gets pushed to the smaller audience we talked about at the beginning of this article, and once it starts to pick up, it will be pushed to more and more people!

If your video has these aspects, you will inevitably get a lot more traffic coming your way!

4. Promote it across social media

Boom! Now your video is live on Tik Tok ready to be discovered! There's not much left to do from this point

forward than to check your statistics and see how it is performing. However, we recommend promoting your

Tik Tok across your social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and other

platforms you might be using to receive more exposure and letting other people know you have uploaded a

new video! These statistics will also be shown as different traffic sources when you share the URL of your Tik

Tok video.

5. Reply to comments

People love commenting on random aspects of your video. You will be surprised what the eyes of the

viewer will capture that you didn't even paid attention to at the beginning! Viewers always love

spotting little details, which are not even the focus. Like you read earlier, the more comments

you receive, chances are to go viral way easier. The more distinct details you can give your viewers to

comment on, the more likely you are to get comments. The perfect example is to have a

really cool light behind your TV that is a LED strip, and everyone will ask where you bought it from,

you can do that in so many ways before making your video while you create your setup.

6. Consistency is key

So now that our profile and videos are up and running, what is next? Well, consistency is the most

important thing. If you can produce 2-4 highly produced videos each day and publish them over the

course of 1 week, the better! It's crucial that you engage and update your followers consistently than

to prioritize creating videos to try make them go viral. Don't let this get you down. Nobody, not even

the most famous Tik Tok creators can predict which videos are guaranteed to go viral. Keep on

creating. Have fun, and make sure to love what you do, as that will really show in your content!

7. Conclusion

So that pretty much wraps it up! That was a lot of information, we know. This guide is ideal to come back to if you have questions or to use as just a reference. Truly enjoying producing your Tik Tok content is crucial,

because viewers can sense inauthenticity within a split second. At the moment you share videos that you love

creating, you should take pride in that! A new adventure is waiting for you.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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