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unboxing marketing strategy

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

An unboxing campaign is becoming more popular as the year passed by. In fact, YouTube unboxing channels also gained million subscribers in the past few years. If you are a vlogger and the content you have chosen is unboxing video you need to make a way for your video to be noticed by Brand for the purpose of sponsorship for your content because some brands used vloggers or Influencers to boost their brands.

In some small business owner, they know that it's essential how to market their product online. One marketing strategy that has been soaring in popularity is the unboxing video.

In this article let me share to you some tips on how to create an unboxing video marketing strategy.

In this article
  1. What is an Unboxing video?
  2. Make a great first impression
  3. Attract Brand sponsorship
  4. Opportunity to go viral
  5. Creative Video Editing for Marketing Strategy
  6. Giving Free Sample

What is an Unboxing video?

Unboxing videos are exactly what they sound like creators open products and narrate their experiences for you. What makes unboxing videos such a great alternative to advertisements is that they give viewers a risk-free way to experience a product up close before committing.

Unboxing video are a great source of low-cost advertising for your business. Costumer generated content comes off as a more organic form of marketing since it's an honest reaction from real customers. These videos influence other potential consumers in their decisions by giving them an informative picture of products without sales feeling.

Successful unboxing video for marketing strategy tips

  • Make a Great First Impression
  • Attract Brand Sponsorships
  • Opportunity to go viral
  • Creative Editing for Marketing Strategy
  • Free Sample

Make a great first impression

When it comes to video marketing, first impression are everything. Unboxing videos give you the chance to exceed your customer's expectation and delight them too. As customers leave with positive feelings towards your business, video and products, they'll be motivated to make a purchased and recommend to their friends and also to share this information to others.

Always do research and come prepared, share the complete information of the product including their functionalities and applications. Be specific in every detail, give your honest feedback and a recommendation if needed. This video marketing strategy will give the product owner a chance for your video to be viewed as their products ads.

Take a great picture of a products and make some highlight of the products while doing unboxing video show your all effort to be notice by brands.

first impression

Attract Brand sponsorship

Sponsors might give you free sample of their products to unbox, helping to drive more engagement for their business and yours. As long as you are good in explaining or great in making unboxing video, you will attract more brand owner to hire you for sponsorships. Other companies will start to notice your sponsorship deals and from there, even more companies will begin approaching you for future collaboration. Brand are only watching those content creator with skills of great explaining about the product and how you convince people to watch or to purchase the products.

Make sure to create a stand out video unboxing about any products because you never know when the opportunity knocks.

attract brand sponsorship

Opportunity to go viral

Unboxing content can be great tool for increasing your influence on social media. You can create a fresh content to share often and build a follower. Be sure to apply proven practices such as knowing the best time to post on your social media to gain bigger audience. Your unboxing videos can be your ticket to enter the exciting world of video content creation and influence marketing. This may help also those brands you are using in content to promote and be known by your subscriber or audiences

It's important to remember that influencer is not the same as a celebrity endorsing a product but influencers are for the most part ordinary people who build their large following and business from being perceived as trustworthy. This means us influencer are unlikely to promote a product that we don't believe in. As mentioned previously, content based on the unboxing format also has the potential to get your brand a lot of exposure.

go viral

Creative Video Editing for Marketing Strategy

It is important when you do an unboxing video you must be creative in video editing. Most brand are also watching those influencers doing unboxing video and creativity of the video are more attractive to the brands.

Don't forget to put in text the brand name, prices, effectiveness of the products, make sure to show them in focus the packaging of the brand and explain all the details that is written in the box or in the packaging.

For this, make sure to used Wondershare Filmora for your unboxing video editing software, this software is easy to use, free with paid advanced features. There is a huge variety of themes that you can apply to your videos and make it creative. Surprise brand owner with your creative way of overlaying and filters with sensational movie effects. Don't forget to create a beautiful animated text and titles with customize color, size and position to attract more viewers.

Free Download
Free Download
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Giving Free Sample

Creating a giveaway or free sample of your unboxed products is a great marketing strategy for your channel, for your videos and for the brand owners. It's a strategy for people to get to know the brand better and get them excited because it's free.

It's a value-added perception that you need to cultivate for a great unboxing. Giving free sample or giveaway to your audience is making your costumer feel valued and it helps to re activate the love of the brand that led them to that initial purchase.

There are two reasons why brands should include unboxing videos with influencer in their marketing strategy. One they need the influencer's follower who see everything the influencer posts, which is an opportunity for the customer to get to know brands. On the other hand, customers or audience who actively seek out reviews because they want to buy a product. These people will look for influencers videos where they can see the product first hand. That is why more brand using content creator as their marketing strategy for their products to be known in the market. As the content creator that making a unboxing video, make your video more attractive, creative and give your very best in doing your content as also your marketing strategy to be notice of big brands.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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