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Top Photo Storage Sites

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

The photo hosting services are gaining much popularity these days and you can easily find so many sites providing such kind of services. There are so many factors to consider while making selection for a suitable photo hosting site because few features can make huge difference in performance. Below we are going to discuss five major things about good photo hosting sites:

  • Shareability: We all love to share our memories with friends on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. So a good photo storage site must be capable enough to assist in easy sharing needs.
  • Ease of Access: It must be able to find images with reference to their dates, added tags or other relevant details.
  • Ease of Use: One must be capable enough to upload images with ease and editing tasks must be interactive.
  • Quality: All stills on Photo hosting platforms must be preserved with their original quality. It should not compress images unnecessarily.
  • Space and Price: One must be able to manage this storage space at low cost.

Top Best Photo Storage Sites:

1. Google Photo:

Google Photo allows users to enjoy infinite storage space over cloud with classic search options. The iPhone app is quite powerful, simple to use and intuitive enough. Even if you have thousands of photos then they can be easily accommodated within its 5GB space and the paid version can even offer you huge storage of 1TB.


  • It offers unlimited storage space for stills.
  • Users can easily shared photos on other platforms.
  • Allows movie creations and fun animations along with advanced filters and object detection features.
  • Offers clever multi select feature.


  • Very few animation and editing options.
  • It takes longer time to create backup.
  • Annoying assistant feature.

2. Apple iCloud Photo:

iCloud Photo is simply an impressive way to place all your important videos and photos at safe place on cloud and the best part is that they can be accessed anytime from anywhere with ease. It has so many advanced features like classic synchronization, backup support, easy management and offline photo access.


  • It allows users to access their storage from anytime and anywhere.
  • All edits gets immediately synchronized with devices.
  • iCloud Photo can store all high resolution photos with their original quality.
  • It offers secure and strong backup options.


  • It is a costly option.
  • It keep on synchronizing all photos, you cannot make selections about few of these.

3. Amazon Prime Photo:

Amazon Cloud Drive or Prime is one of the most popular storage services that is accessed by millions of users throughout the world. It can keep your photos and videos safe with highly secure backup options. Stored images can be easily shared on other popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. Users need not to worry about bandwidth limits while using Amazon Prime Photo storage service.


  • It does not provide file synchronization facility.
  • Desktop application possesses limited features.
  • It does not allow folder based sharing.
  • Lacks in scheduled backups.


  • It does not provide file synchronization facility.
  • Desktop application possesses limited features.
  • It does not allow folder based sharing.
  • Lacks in scheduled backups.

4. Photo Bucket:

This storage space and sharing site is best combination of features with huge hosting space over cloud. Here you can also enjoy video mixing along with free image editing abilities and image/video downsizing options. It can easily process all major file formats like JPG, GIF and PNG etc.


  • It assists users in easy storage of unlimited media files.
  • Ad free browsing space.
  • Impressive security features.
  • Easy shearability on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc.


  • It does not offer drag and drop features.
  • Geo tagging or Face tagging features are missing.

5. Flickr:

Flickr is gaining more and more popularity these days due to its impressive interface and ability to store huge content in its 1TB cloud based storage space. Collection from Flickr can be easily shared over Instagram, Vine and other popular video supporting platforms. You can easily find so many easy editing tools on Flickr that have capabilities to make your stills and videos more impressive. Its auto sync setup can automatically upload your collection to safe storage space.


  • It allows users to upload as much as they want.
  • It is possible to edit titles, tags and photos with ease.
  • Flickr is popular for its impressive organizer tool.
  • Visitors can update comments on your photo collections.


  • Flickr does not offer any batch tool for downloading stills.
  • It does not support keyboard based navigation.
  • Lesser control of user on storage.

Comparison Table:

Parameters Photobucket Amazon Prime Photos Apple iCloud Photo Library Google Photos Flickr
Free Plans 2GB and 8GB with mobile apps Unlimited for photos and 5GB for prime subscription type videos 5GB storage Unlimited for videos and photos 1 TB storage
Paid Plans Starting plan $2.99/month with 20GB $12 per year without any subscription Starting plan $0.99 per month $1.99 per month for 100GB and $9.99 per month for 1TB. $5.99 per month with ad free and $499 per year with 2TB.
Bandwidth Limits 10GB per Month (For Free Plan), Unlimited (For Paid Plan) None None None None
Format Supported PNG, JPEG, JPG and GIF Few Raw files, TIFF, PNG, BMP and JPEG Most Raw files, PNG, TIFF and JPEG TGA, PNG, PSD, GIF, BMP, TIF and JPEG PNG, GIF and JPEG.
Size of File 5MB (Free Plan) 2GB Photo and Video Photos: 25000 per month, 10000/day and 1000/hour Video: 10GB and Photos: 75MB Video: 1GB and Photo: 200 MB.
Compatibility iOS, Mac, Android, Windows Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire, Android, iOS iOS, Windows and Mac Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
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