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  1. “Some file(s) in your project have been moved or are missing” appears.

    After you save your work, it will be saved as an editable project file with the extension .wsfproj. This file includes all the information about the project, but it does not store any imported media. If any of the media imported to a project has been deleted, renamed, or moved to a different location Filmora scrn will no longer recognize it.

    To fix this problem, restore all the source media to its original state and reopen the project. To avoid this problem in future, keep all the media files associated with your project in the same locations you imported them from.

  2. Can I open a project (.wfsproj) created in Filmora scrn for Windows on my mac?

    Project files created by the Windows and Mac versions of Filmora scrn are not interchangeable between the two operating systems.

  3. What should I do if Filmora scrn crashed all of a sudden?

    If Filmora Scrn crashes or disappears all of a sudden, please follow the instructions below to send us the log file and crash report for further analysis.

    Log file

    1.Right-click the icon of the program, and select Show Package Contents.

    2.Open the contents folder and find the log folder under Mac OS.

    3.Send us all the files in the log folder.

    Crash report

    Please search “Console” in the spotlight.

    Open the Console and find Crash Report at the left on the Console.

    Send us all of the crash logs.

    If an error message appears, please take a screenshot (Command+shift+4) and send it to us for analysis.