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  1. Is Filmora Scrn compatible with Mac OS x 10.7 ?

    Filmora Scrn requires Mac OS x 10.11 or above. You can click here to check the specification details.

  2. How do I remove the watermark?

    You need to purchase and register Filmora scrn to remove the watermark. Please follow the instructions below:

    1.Select Register and enter the registration info you received when you purchased your license. Click Register to upgrade from the free trial.

    2.Select Open project /Open recent under File, then locate the .wsfproj file of the project you want to remove the watermark from. Click Open to open the project.


    3.Click the Export button and select a video format to export the project to. The exported video will not be watermarked.

    Tips: Watermarks can only be removed from Filmora scrn project files (.wsfproj files), not exported videos. If you have not purchased Filmora scrn yet, keep your project files for when you can export sans watermark.

  3. “Wondershare Filmora scrn” can't be opened because it was not from App Store

    You can right click on the application and choose "Open". It will allow you to either Open or Cancel, please choose Open. To avoid this problem in the future, go to your system preferences and choose Security & privacy. Then, under the General tab, choose App Store and identified developers under Allow apps downloaded from.  security-privacy