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Add Annotations

In this section you will learn how to add annotations to your videos with Filmora scrn for Mac.

1. How do I add annotations?

Import an image or video clip into the media library of Filmora scrn for Mac. Drag and drop the media into your timeline.

import video

Go to the Annotations tab. There are several different types of annotations, including arrows, lines, shapes, text, and elements. Some shape effects allow you to add text, but for others you will need to add a separate text effect.

Select an annotation effect, and then click on the plus icon to add it to your video.

select annotation

2. How can I customize annotation effects (resize, reposition, rotate, add texts, change color etc.)?

To resize or rotate an annotation effect, go to the video properties menu on the right of your screen. You can drag the scale slider bar to resize it, or change the rotation degree to rotate it.

annotation effects

You can add special effects to your video, like Linear Burn and Soft Light, just by clicking Composting in the Property Area.


3. Copy and paste annotation effects

Right click on the annotation in the timeline and select Copy, and then paste it to where you want the effect to appear.

copy and paste annotation

4. How to remove an annotation?

To remove an annotation select it on the timeline or in the preview window, right click on it, and choose Delete.

delete annotation

5. How to change the duration of an annotation?

To change the duration of an annotation, drag the left or right edge of the annotation on your timeline.

annotation duration