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Screen Record

Launch Filmora scrn and select Get Started to set your recording settings. These settings include the size of the recording area, the frame rate, audio settings and web cam settings. Click Quick Capture to skip this step and record with the default recording settings.


Get Started

In this interface you can customize your recording settings.

1. Screen Setup

    You can customize the following settings in the Screen tab:

  • Screen recording area
  • Which game you will record
  • Frame rate (15fps – 120fps)


2. Audio Setup

In the Audio tab, you can choose whether or not to record your system audio. You can also choose a microphone to record from, if you want to record from a microphone at all. By default, Filmora scrn will do both. Select Don’t Capture to opt out.


3. Camera Setup

    Filmora scrn allows you to record from your webcam and screen at the same time. In the Camera tab, you can choose:

  • Which camera to use
  • Resolution
  • Frame rate


4. Advanced Setup

You can customize settings, change the file location for of exported videos, enable GPU acceleration, or set up hotkeys here.


Change the Recording Area

Filmora scrn, by default, is set to record your computer’s full screen. If you wish to resize the recording area to a specific portion, simply drag the borders of the “Recording Frame” to resize the recording region. And to reposition the recording frame, tap & hold on the “Red Circle” in the center of the recording frame and drag it to the area which you wish to record.

For more precise adjustments in resizing the recording region, try using magnifier. Press Option+Command+F to switch back to full screen recording mode.


You can also adjust the size of the recording area in the Recorder window.


Adjust Microphone Volume

To adjust the microphone volume, simply drag the slider.


Record Screen

  • Click the Start Capturing button or press Shift+Command+2 to start recording. Press Shift+Command+2 again to stop recording.
  • Filmora scrn will start recording after counting down 3 seconds.
  • filmora-scrn-mac-count-down-record

  • Press Option+Command+2 or click the Pause Capture button to pause the recording. To resume the recording, press Option+Command+2 again.
  • When you finish recording, you can save the recorded clips to your Mac or export them to the Video Editor.
  • filmora-scrn-mac-export-recorded-video