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Add Cursor Effects

Learn to customize cursor effects in 3 different ways with Filmora scrn for Mac.

Cursor Highlight: Add a colored circle around your cursor to make it stand out.

Left Click Rings: Add a ripple effect to left clicks so your viewers know when you are clicking.

Left Click Sound: You can also add a sound to your clips to alert viewers to them.

You can apply all the 3 effects at once, or any combination of them.

How to add Cursor Effects

Note: Cursor Effects can only be applied to screen recordings which include cursor data.

Step 1: Drag the recorded video into the timeline or to the Preview Window.

Step 2: Choose Cursor tab, select a cursor effect you like, and drag it to the video in the timeline.

The cursor effect will be applied to the entire video.

cursor effect

How to Edit the Cursor Effects

You can adjust the size, color, etc. of the cursor effects under the Cursor tab in the right menu.

1. Resize Cursor

Drag the Scale slider from left to right to enlarge or shrink the cursor. Click the reset button to return to the original size.

2. Change the color

If you applied the Cursor Highlight or Left click Ring effect, you can change its color.

3. Hide Cursor

The Opacity settings in the cursor highlight allows you to hide the cursor in your recorded screen video easily. Just drag the Opacity slider to zero and the cursor will disappear in your video.

Note: If you have added the Left Click Rings effect then, while the cursor will disappear, the water ripple effect will still be shown.

4. Delete Cursor Effect

If you change your mind about a cursor effect, you can delete it by clicking the little "X" next to it in the cursor tab.