Navigating Filmora Scrn for Mac

When you start Filmora scrn for Mac your recent projects are listed, as well as a quick menu leading to two different working modes: Quick Capture and Video Editor.

Screen Recording

There are two different ways to record your screen: through the Setup window and using Quick Capture

Method1: Through the Setup Window

Click on the plus icon by Create new and the Setup window will pop up.

Here, you can adjust your default screen recording settings:

And your audio recording settings:

And the settings for recording from a webcam:

Method2: Quick Capture

Click on the "Quick Capture" button and a quick recording window will pop up:

You can adjust your settings here before recording.

Video Editing

Head over to Video Editor to access the video editing interface.

  • Media library: All source media files will be sorted here in the media library. You can preview files, add new files, delete files, and add media to the timeline from here.
  • Preview Window: You can preview your video here.
  • Timeline: This is where you assemble the video clips and other media you want to include in your video.
  • Video Properties: You can see the properties of a video clip and adjust them as needed.