Cursor Effects

In Filmora scrn cursor data is collected and saved in the .mp4 recording file. Using Cursor Effects, you can make your cursor stand out using highlights, rings, and sound effects.

cursor effects

Add Cursor Effects

To add a cursor effect, place the playhead over a clip which includes cursor data.

  • Click the Cursor Tab.
  • Select a cursor effect and drag it to the clip on your timeline or to the Preview Window.
  • Adjust the cursor settings under the Cursor tab in the right menu.

Resize Cursor

To change the size of your cursor, use the Scale slider in the Cursor tab in the right menu. You can also type in an exact size.


Hide Cursor

You can make your cursor invisible.

  • Select the cursor effect on timeline.
  • Change the Opacity setting to zero.

Delete Cursor Effects

To delete a cursor effect, select it in the timeline and then go to the Cursor tab in the right menu. Click the 'x' next to the cursor effect to delete it.


You can also change the color of cursor effects in the Cursor tab.