How to Become a Successful YouTube Gamer

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It is really an amazing task to upload your gaming events on YouTube so that all your friends can notice your achievements. But if you are a beginner then you may find it difficult to develop YouTube channels and then stream data over them. Don’t worry! The article below contains complete information about how to become a successful YouTube gamer.

How to Become a Successful YouTube Gamer

Follow these simple steps to achieve your objective:

Step 1: Set up your own YouTube Channel:

It is essential to have a Google account to create your own YouTube channel. Once your account is ready then:

  • Visit and then click on top right corner of your device screen to sign in.
  • Now go to your profile and then visit settings icon.
  • Under this settings option you will easily find option “Create a Channel”. Hit this link.

Step 2: Purchase right equipment:

If you want to update video rich content quality then definitely you have to spend on right equipments. Below is the list of best recording and editing equipments:

Capture Card: This device is essential if you want to record your game screen with high quality content. The cost varies somewhere around $150 and so many companies are selling their quality products with decent features.


Microphone: If you want to add your live audio into captured screen videos then you have to buy a microphone that can pick sound with clear range. The price range for quality product varies between $15 and $120 only.


External Hard Drive: As you will need to store your recorded HD videos on some media hence an external hard drive is suggested. One time investment on a good quality product can lead to long life service and it will also help you to save your data for long run even if your channel goes down.

Step 3: Select your Software:

It is time to purchase a professional video capture and editing software program that can assist you in customized video recording. Professionals recommend many software to gamers but Wondershare Filmora is best option for video editing and Screen Capture requirements. It comes with variety of advanced features and is well known for its intuitive user interface. So many incredible editing tools are included in Filmora platform that can be used to develop personalized videos or for trimming and merging videos together. This software tool can be easily operated by professionals as well as beginners. Before you make the final videos, spare some time to learn about the tool and gain information about its well featured editor window. Filmora will take very less time to develop customized videos and they can be saved in all popular file formats.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 4: Develop a Video Schedule:

YouTube channel creators are advised to maintain a definite schedule for their posts so that viewers can stay satisfied. Your channel will not be rated as successful if you post one of two videos only rather it demands consistency. Develop a routine for all types of games that you want to update and follow the schedule properly. Your target must be to post at least 400 or 500 videos in a year then only your channel will receive better rating.

Step 5: Make the Intro/Outro:

In order to provide a unique identify to your channel, prefer to develop intro of every video as it will help to develop brand or channel awareness among viewers. It is important to use certain standard video editing program to develop such effects. You can prefer Sony Vegas or Adobe After Effects to create a unforgettable impression in every mind. When videos have intro then they are able to reflect identity of your channel with each update. And it will definitely engage your audience with your content. Never go for lengthy introductions rather keep it short and simple. Just few seconds will be enough at the beginning to introduce viewers with your channel. Learn how to make Intro/Outro:

Some professional Tips for creating YouTube channel:

1. Play with friends:

If you are feeling it little difficult to run a YouTube channel then it is good to spare some time to play with your friendly occasionally. Most of the times, the best videos are developed with chemistry of two companions. Select a game that you both love to play and work for healthy competition to set awesome video examples.

2. Share your videos via Social Networks:

It is good to establish a great network connection via social media platforms. You will definitely be able to attract huge audience from these websites. Whenever you share your new video link over social media that enable the facility for shares and likes so that it can reach up to more people with ease. Your social media contacts will work like great source of marketing for your channel and every share will spread information about your video channel.

3. Ask users about their feedbacks:

YouTube channel creators are advised to develop a healthy relationship with their viewers. Let them send feedbacks about quality of your content and welcome their suggestions whenever they want to say something. Ask them about what kind of games they expect for future and talk about different aspects related to their interests and your channel. It will help them to stay connected with your network and once if you are able to satisfy your customers then naturally your channel will start receiving higher ratings.


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