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Screen Recorders are some of the most essential software programs these days. We need them to record our games, to create interactive tutorials and for so many other professional reasons. That is why software developers are working everyday for such programs and till now many of these have been distributed in market. Definitely, you can have so many options to choose from but it is good to grab some important information about these popular software prior to start working with them so that you can pick the best one that can suit your work. The article below contains complete description about some of the best screen recorders for all platforms.

Free Screen Recorder for Windows:

1.Filmora Video Editor:

When we start working with Filmora then editing task gets naturally simplified and we can develop amazing videos with lots of powerful editing tools available on this platform. Some of the best features of Filmora are: Its creative overlays and filters, ability to add titles and texts as per need, various motion elements, add transitions to make videos unique and it can combine video with music from library.

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  • It never poses any limited over screen recording time.
  • Users can easily record voice over PC screen as well as webcam.
  • It is accessible for free in case of basic recording function.
  • Output is always having rich quality.
  • Simple to use.


  • In the free version the editing tools use to create watermarks.
  • Supported recorded file format is MP4 only.
  • It cannot be used to record mobile phones.

2.Ezvid Video Maker:

It is essential screen recording software that allows users to create high resolution videos with just few clicks on computer screen. With this advanced software program users can select specific region of screen for recording and add titles, keywords and descriptions as per need.



  • Videos are auto saved during recording process.
  • It offers voice synthesis and audio recording facility.
  • Users can directly upload their videos to YouTube with this software.


  • Maximum allowed recording time is 45 Min.
  • It lacks in customization feature.

3.Cam Studio:

Here is an open source type screen casting software program that can record all activities from screen as well as supports computer audio signals. This software is rated as an industry standard due to its bandwidth friendly, lean flash videos.



  • It is available for free.
  • Recording time is long enough.
  • Audio recording selections can be done manually.


  • This software can be accessed on Window systems only.
  • Annotation tools are little disappointing.
  • It produces lacks in game recording.

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Below is a video tutorial for choosing the best free screen recorder

Free Screen Recorder for MAC:

1.Quick Time Player:

Quicktime is launched by Apple for its portable devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone etc. Users can also record audio signals from microphone as well as can capture the screen movements over Mac



  • Can be used for free.
  • There is no time limit for recording.
  • Comes with so many basic editing functions.


  • Users cannot make adjustments for audio volume.
  • Can support MOV file format only.
  • Do not offer any advanced editing feature.
  • System audio recording is not possible.

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Monosnap can be used to capture full screen of PC as well as for a selected window or even just a small part of screen. You can take benefit from hotkeys to avai customized screen shooting.



  • Free to use.
  • Comes with advanced screenshot function.
  • Webcam can be recorded.
  • Voice over feature available.
  • Easy to operate even for beginners.


  • Video editing is not possible.
  • Recording interlace function is little disappointing.
  • Mobile devices cannot be recorded.

3.Filmora Video Editor for Mac:

This software tool comes with most handy user interface and advanced editing features. Can support Mac as well as Windows platforms and advanced trimming as well as merging is possible.

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  • It never poses any limit over screen recording time.
  • Can record voice with PC screen as well as Webcam.
  • Recording Functions are accessible for free.
  • Output is of rich quality.


  • In free version you will suffer with watermarking issues for editing.
  • It cannot record your mobile devices.

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Free Screen Recorded for iOS:


This software tool can perfectly work even without any jailbreak. Airshou is rated as one of the most advanced recording tool with 1080p resolution at 60fps. It offers high quality stereo recording.



  • Offers very high resolution for video recording.
  • Efficient processing.
  • Improved stereo recording.


  • Little lacks with game recording are observed.

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2. Vidyo:

Vidyo allows users to capture their PC screen very precisely while creating wonderful outputs at high resolution. The audio can be captured without any disturbance and users have full control over background features.



  • Videos can be trimmed as per user requirements.
  • It offers 1080P resolution.
  • Videos can be directly uploaded to social media sites.


  • The installation process is little complicated.

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Free Screen Recorder for Android:

1.DU Recorder:

Here is a free, high quality and stable screen recorder for professionals that offer smooth as well as crystal clear videos. It can help users to record games, live shows and video calls etc.



  • Free to use.
  • Available for free.
  • It is ad free as well as works without rooting.
  • No recording time limit.


  • Lags in game recording features.

2.Lollipop Screen Recorder:

Here is a simple to use and fast to process screen recorder for users that can run on android even without any rooting requirement.



  • Users can enjoy the picture in picture facility.
  • Storage can be shifted to SD card.
  • Users can make advanced settings for resolution, bit rate and orientation.
  • Audio recording becomes much easier.


  • Free version does not offer quality results.
  • Users reported crash during heavy recording.

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