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8 Best Software to Extract Audio from Video

Many times while watching a video or a movie online, we start having a fondness for the music running in the background. And taking delight in that music, most of the users have wished to have that audio to them. On that account, the keen users are seen exploring good ways to separate audio from videos. If you fall under the same category of those keen users, all you need is high-quality software that can help in getting you the music from the video. We will share you such software that can help fulfilling your desire to extract audio from video.

The list of Software to Extract Audio from Video

1. Filmora scrn

A highly recommended audio video splitter is Filmora Scrn. This software is free and is available for Windows as well as Mac computers. It gives users dual benefits by being an excellent audio video splitter as well as a screen recorder. To get more detailed view, have a glance below and understand the features.

Key Features:

The tool is known for its simplicity to record or edit your projects.

It helps in recording and editing videos with its powerful editing tools like tutorial features or annotations.

It helps in exporting the files to numerous formats including MP4, MOV etc.

The videos can be recorded with 15-120 frames per second.

It is the most intelligent audio extractor and provides always high-quality results.

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How to extract audio from video with Filmora scrn

Step 1 – Get the Software

Firstly, download Filmora Scrn to your respective computer and install it. Open the software post installation and choose “Media” option. Now hit on “Add Files” to add the video file. Alternatively, just drag-drop the preferred file to the timeline.

Step 2 – Extract Audio from Video and Export

Now, right click the added video file and choose “Audio Detach” button. The track will split up in two parts. The upper track will be the required audio clip. At the end, you can either edit your audio clip or export it directly to MP3 file format

2. Windows Movie Maker

A yet another software that can help you to get audio from video is Windows Movie Maker. This video editing software lets the users creating, editing or sharing videos. With this, you can publish your videos to numerous platforms. Moreover, it is free to use and has easy user interface.

Windows Movie Maker

Key Features:

The software allows you to easily organize photos and videos necessary to use in your next movie.

With the help of Windows Movie Maker, one can add effects, transitions, text etc. according to the preferences.

You can post your file to desire popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Plus, it can help in dragging-dropping your clip anywhere on the timeline. Then it can be edited the way you want like duplicating, splitting, repositioning etc.

3. Audacity

From a lot of available tools in the market, Audacity can be said as one popular tool that assists the users in getting audio from video. Be it Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, this tool has got power to work with all three. Here are the features of this Audacity.


Key Features:

It helps in recording live audio or computer playback.

A lot of audio files are supported including WAV, MP3, FLAC, AIFF and more.

You can have a large number of effects like speed or pitch changing in a recording.

Also, you can cut copy or mix your music/audios/sounds together.

Via Audacity, you are allowed to convert your recorded files into digital recordings or CDs.

4. VLC

If you are used to computers, no doubt you are perfectly familiar with these three letters i.e. VLC. It is one well-known media player and offers the ability to separate audio from video. It is a yet another choice for you if you are looking for information on audio video splitters.


Key Features

It is a cross-platform multimedia player and brilliantly supports various platforms.

Not just platforms, various multimedia files are also supported like DVDs, Audio CDs or VCDs.

The extraction of audio from video is simpler via VLC.

5. Free Audio Editor

Here is another audio extractor. Free Audio Editor as its name says, is a free editing software for audios. Apart from being an audio splitter, it helps in downloading YouTube videos and then separate audio from it. It is simple when used and has the ability to support audio recording, noise reduction and such more features. They are discussed below.


Key Features:

With this tool, as we mentioned, you can record your audio, edit them or even record easily from microphone.

Any audio file can be cut, trimmed or copied via this tool.

There are more than 25 audio formats that are supported with this tool and you can save your files to those formats like MP3, WAV, OGG etc.

The tool has easy interface.

6. Audio Converter

Don’t get misjudged by its name. The name of the tool is Audio Converter but it can help you in extracting audio from video easily. It has also many features with it and favors the users to carry out different tasks. This will get clearer by the following points.


Key Features:

This tool, along with helping in extracting audio from a video file, lets the users converting audios easily into desired format.

Also, you can use it for converting your audio files to the format you want.

It gives advanced settings options where you can adjust the audio as you want

It also works in browser for conversion of audios.

7. Bigasoft Total Video Converter

On seventh number in the audio video splitters list, we would like to provide you Bigasoft Total Video Converter. It is also a useful tool when you are looking for a good way to get the desired music or audio from the videos. The features are given below to make you more aware about it.


Key Features:

This is an easy to use tool for extracting audio and performing other functions.

It’s completely free and you can use it for the conversion of your favorite films or videos into multiple formats.

Bigasoft also helps in cutting or trimming the video if you want only desired scenes to watch.

Video conversion process takes less time while performing.

8. Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter

Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter is the last in the list. It is an audio recorder as well as performs many other functions. You can either download its desktop version or convert videos online. Having so many good features, it also makes its place among the most excellent audio editing tools. It’s time to look at the features.


Key Features:

You can covert videos and get the output according to the desired formats.

It also has the power to edit videos by adjusting its video size, adding effects, trimming it and more.

Also, it is a free website service without any extra fees.

It provides customers help always when you need.

Final Verdict

We now hope that you have learnt about some wonderful tools or software to get audio from video. You can choose as per your requirements or preferences. However, if in case, you find yourself in dilemma about which one to use, Filmora Scrn would always be a wise choice. Finishing off, we would like to have your choices or verdicts shared with us. Also, we would be glad to know the experience. Many thanks for reading this!

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Dec 26,2017 17:33 pm
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