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How to Record Your Screen up to 4K

Jul 10, 2020• Proven solutions

In recent times, the 4k technology is gaining more attention than its counterpart 1080P HD video quality. What is 4k technology and when you search for a 4k screen recorder, what are you actually searching for?

The 4k refers to the Ultra High Definition horizontal dimension of the screen. It is regarded as 4000 pixels approximately with 2160 pixels vertical dimension, which is more than 1080P vertical dimensions of the HD quality.

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How to Record PC Screen Using Filmora scrn at 4k Resolution

The 4k screen recorder video quality is becoming the most preferred choice. Now, a 4k camera’s requirement can be worked out with the Filmora scrn, as the users can record PC screen video for up to 4k resolution, using this software. Let’s learn…

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STEP 1- Filmora Scrn Installation

This 4k screen recorder installation is quick and easy. You have two options. Opt for the free trial version of the software or you may purchase the licensed Filmora scrn software to download it.

Next, hit the blue coloured box with the instruction “install” which further takes you to another page with the instruction "start now" to run the software for the first time users and complete the process of installing the software.

installation 4k screen recorder

STEP 2- How to Get Started

As you complete installing Filmora scrn software, you come to the welcome page with the instruction "get started". Along with, “Get Started” button in blue, you are offered with two more option just below the get started button, namely "quick capture" and "video editor".

Each of the 3 commands in the welcome page has three different functions.

Get Started option lets you decide which online activity you want the 4k screen recorder to record and thus, makes it the best option to start in order to explore every single feature.

Quick Capture button starts recording immediately whichever online activity you last save on the PC.

Video Editor option enables you to open the already recorded activities on the PC to edit.


STEP 3- Setting-up the 4k screen recorder

You can view 4 options on the left of the "Set up" page- screen, audio, camera, and advanced. These are the option to be selected on the same page but I have shown it as steps for you to understand better.

The screen tab allows you to select the existing online activity or any game you wish to record in 4k and then lets you select the frame rate for the video. The 4k screen recorder enables you to record video at up to 120fps.

setup 4k screen recorder

Next, the audio tab is optional. If you want to record audio, you must select the source if it’s microphone or computer and then check the drop down menu.

audio 4k screen recorder

The camera tab helps you to select the video source like a webcam or any other secondary source; you wish to add to your 4k screen recording. You can set the frame rates and resolution too.


The last advanced tab helps you to set up the hot keys in order to quickly capture directly from the keyboard. Full screen recording can be set by using SHIFT+F, to start and pause the 4k screen recorder F9 is used, and for start and end F10 key on the keyboard is used.

advanced 4k screen recorder

Once all the 4 tabs are satisfactorily SET-UP, then you may move forward to click the "Capture" button in blue at the lower right corner of the page Set-up.

STEP 4- Recording Panel

The recording panel allows you to view all the available selections on the page. Before recording the 4k screen you may adjust the size and resolution of the screen and volume of the microphone in the recording panel. If the resolution of the user’s screen is 4K, then the parameter will automatically be adjusted to 4k. If not, the user can change the resolution to 4K from the Editor Screen page. We will come to that in next few steps.


STEP 5- Your Clips Page

Next, once you stop the 4k screen recorder hitting the F10 hot key on the keyboard, press the same key once again to view the "your clips" page. Then, from the drop down menu at the right hand side down corner, you may export your chosen clips or export them as local files to the Editor Screen, pressing the blue coloured "Go" button beside.

STEP 6- Editor Screen

Click the "File" option at the top of the Editor Screen to record the 4k screen . Then, from the File drop down menu click on the "Project Settings" option. The Project Setting Popup page appears.

This enables you to change your screen to "3840X2160" from the "Preset" drop-down option in the Project Settings pop-up page and press "OK" from the right down corner to make your video 4k.


You also have other options like de-noising, rotating, deleting, resizing, cutting, etc. to enhance your recorded audio and video. Cursor effects and annotations can also be added to your 4k screen recorder from the Editor Screen.

4k setting

STEP 7- Export

Now, you have come to the final step of this process. Click on the "Export" button at the lower right corner of the Editor Screen page and you are directed to the Export page. You have to select the format .MOV, .MP4, .MP3 and GIF given at the left side of the page in order to save your 4k screen recorder video in any one of the supported file formats. The bit rate, encoding, frame rate, and resolution for each file type can also be adjusted here. Then click "Export"

export 4k video


One thing must be remembered while recording on 4k screen recorder is that the device’s configuration must be high; otherwise, the exported video may collapse. Other than that, Filmora scrn, as 4k screen recorder is unmatched. You can achieve the most desired high-quality, crystal clarity video recordings in no time with this 4k screen recorder.

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ON 2019-12-01 06:27:25

Does this mean it RECORDS in 4K? or does it mean that it will EXPORT in 4k? I'm trying to change the definition and it won't let me.