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How to split video into parts in Camtasia

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Sep 13, 2021• Proven solutions

Creating a video that is too long can be a problem for a number of reasons. Videos with longer duration are often too large to be uploaded directly to the Internet and if you choose to upload a large file the process can last for hours. Splitting your videos into chapters can also be useful if you want to create a DVD disc, but keep in mind that you'll need a program like Roxio or DVD-lab to perform this action since Camtasia doesn't offer this option. Above all else, a video that has a duration less than 5 minutes is more likely to keep the viewer's attention throughout the whole video, which is perhaps the best reason to split your videos into several parts. Here is how you can accomplish this in Camtasia screen capturing software on your PC or Mac.

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How to Split Video into Parts in Camtasia Windows

Splitting a video into two or as many parts as you like is very easy in Camtasia for Windows, although it is time-consuming. All you need to do is move the Playhead to the exact point of the video where you want to make the split and select the part of the video you want to export. After you made sure that the Playhead is in the right place, click the right click and select 'Produce Selection as' option. This action will open 'Production Wizard' that enables you to choose the file format of the selection you made. Then simply render the video and repeat this process for other parts of your video.

The rendering time depends on several factors such as the RAM memory of your computer or duration of the clip you are rendering so it is much better to select smaller portions of the video you are breaking up in order to save time.

How to Split Video into Parts in Camtasia Mac

Splitting videos is a slightly more complicated process for Mac users because the Camtasia software for Mac doesn't have a 'Produce Selection as' feature. The first step of the process is to save the project, so you can go back to it after rendering the first part of your video. Then drag the Playhead to the point on the timeline where you want to make the split, select everything that you don't want to be in the video and delete it.

Once you've deleted the selected part of your project, go to the 'Share' drop down menu and click 'Export'. After you finished rendering the first part of your video, go the Edit >Jump to > Previous edit, this will bring back the Playhead to the exact same spot where it was before you deleted a part of your project. It is of utmost importance to be very punctual, so it is better not to this manually, even though that is an option as well. Once the Playhead is in place, click Edit > Undo to bring back the parts of the project you previously deleted and repeat the entire process for the next part of your video.

How to Save the Split Videos to Multiple Files Separately

Markers are among the most useful editing tools available to editors and video makers since they enable them to create navigation points or split videos into several files. In order to save the videos into two or more files separately, you first need to add markers.  You can do so by clicking CTRL+M or by enabling the Marker view on the timeline.

Go to 'Custom Production' and select 'New Custom Production' feature that will open the settings window. Choose the 'Video Settings tab' and click on the 'Multiple files based on markers' check box, then proceed to render the videos. Camtasia will automatically create separate files you'll be able to share and upload on the Internet.

Use Camtasia Alternative

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No one can blame you if the process of splitting videos in Camtasia is too complicated for you. If you wish to avoid all the needless hustle try using DemoCreator Screen Recorder Software, a screen capturing software that enables you to split your videos via the 'Split Video' feature. This easy to use software will enable you to make as many videos as you like with a few simple clicks that require minimum effort. DemoCreator offers a plethora of video and audio editing options to its users that make the video post-production process simple.

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