How to Use Airshou?

By Aug 04,2017 15:57 pm

Airshou is a well known screen recorder application that works perfectly on iOS without any jailbreak. This app is compatible with almost all iOS devices. In this article, we are going to show you a full tutorial on how to download and use this app to record your screen.

Where to download and how to download?

In order to use the recording system of airshou, you need to follow these steps on your iOS device:

  • Step 1: First of all you need to open safari on the iOS device.
  • airshoud1

  • Step 2: Now it is time to search for a website named as
  • airshou2

  • Step 3: Simply tap on the airshow install button on your device screen.
  • airshou3

  • Step 4: Hit install button to adding it on your home screen.
  •  airshou4

  • Step 5: Finally your application will be downloaded within few minutes.
  • airshou5

  • Step 6: Just enjoy your app.

How to use airshou to record screen?

Check out our video tutorial to learn how to use Airshou below:

You can download a free version of Filmora Video Editor mentioned in the video to edit your recordings.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

In order to use the recording system of airshou, you need to follow these steps on your iOS device:

  • 1. At very first stage, you need to trust the application. This task can be completed by simply visiting settings, then go to general and then hit profile setting option. Select Airshou and then hit trust button on your screen. Finally confirm the process.
  • 2. Now you can open this application on your device and hit the record button to start screen recording. Users can do customized settings for resolution.
  • 3. It is time to start airplay but ensure that mirroring is ON in your device. With this recording process will be initiated.
  • 4. Once you finish your recording then go back to the application and hit the stop button.
  • 5. You can preview your recording and once finalized then save it directly to any preferable location on your device.

Airshou alternatives for recording iOS device:

Airshou is the most popular apps available for iPhone screen recording. Some of its main features includes:

  • 1.It is one of the most efficient screen recording systems for your iOS device that utilized very few resources from processor.
  • 2.You can easily record games using this application as well as can create tutorials for other applications.
  • 3.Airshou can develop videos at 1080P with 60fps capabilities.
  • 4.It offers very high quality for stereo recording.
  • 5.It can be easily installed on iPhod, iPad and iPhone like devices.

If you are searching for some possible alternatives to the Airshou application then these two applications will be helpful for you:


It is also a screen recorder application same as Airshou that you can access easily from app store with payment of $4.99. This application can assist users to capture the entire screen on device with ease while capturing the audio information. You can install this advanced application on your device with the help of Cydia Impactor tool and it is compatible with iOS 10 as well as 9.


2.Quicktime Player:

This screen recording application is owned by Apple itself but it can be used for Mac as well as Window devices. Some of the key features of this app include:

  • High-tech multimedia platform.
  • Highly Sophisticated media player.
  • Advanced technology for video recording that takes lesser storage space and bandwidth.
  • Users appreciate its flexible file formats.


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