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The best alternative of LoiLo to capture your high quality game video.
  • Capture cursor in different ways
  • Edit audio in a separate track
  • Support Windows/Mac OS
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LoiLo Game Recorder Review

Rating: 4.3 stars

The LoiLo game recorder is the perfect solution for people that want to record high quality video without taking up too much space on their hard drive. It’s simple to use so even if this is the first time you have decided to purchase a game recorder at least you know that the Loilo game recorder won’t be a hassle. You can even record your own voice so that you can commentate while you record or add your voice afterwards. You can even edit gameplay videos so that you only show what you want to.

LoiLo Game Recorder Review

Here’s the LoiLo Game Recorder tutorial video:

1 Resolution

Thanks to the LoiLo game recorder supporting motion-JPEG you can get the balance that you have always wanted without compromising your storage space. This is what those people wanting to record and edit gameplay videos have been waiting for. HD videos without the mass storage necessity. Make tutorials to help others pick up parts of the game that you have mastered or just show off your skills to fellow gamers. The possibilities are endless.

2 Performance


You will be pleased to know that the LoiLo game recorder download was put to the test against other recording applications and had the least loss of performance loss of all when playing Final Fantasy 14. The PC used to make the recording was running Windows 7 32 bit with a Geforce GT240 graphics card and memory of 4 GB, so it shows that even on older PC’s you can still benefit from great performance from a free application. The download also includes an editor however this is not part of the free download, however you do have the option to uninstall if you have no use for it and the performance of the app. That said with it being freeware the small cost is nothing compared to purchasing additional equipment for your computer and is the best way to edit gameplay videos even as a novice recorder. It is the editing equipment that makes the money for the developers so by using it you are allowing them to constantly add improvements as technology advances. You won’t be faced with any time limits as with other software downloads or a watermark which could ruin the visual enjoyment for your video fans.

3 Easy to use


It’s so simple to use that it’s great for novices who are just getting into recording their gaming activities. All you have to do is select the game that you want to play and press the record button, it’s that simple! You don’t have to shuffle for options which saves time and means you can take the time to edit gameplay videos so that they are just right to show your gaming in the best light. Did you lose part way through? You can cut that bit out easily.

4 Pros and cons


  • There’s no cost to download so you can try out the great software without risk
  • It’s simple for beginners to use
  • There’s absolutely no time limit on how much you can record per video
  • No obstructive/distracting watermark


  • No way to capture mouse
  • No way to record audio separately onto a different track
  • Only supports Windows 7 and 8


The LoiLo Game recorder is great for those people that don’t want the hassle of installing new equipment and are looking for free software to record and edit gameplay videos easily. Overall, I highly recommend it if you're looking for a free recording program that isn't super difficult to figure out and get optimized for the best recording settings.

Nov 08,2017 14:16 pm
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