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How to Record Audio for Gameplay on iPhone

Jul 11, 2020• Proven solutions

More and more gamers (casual and professional alike) are getting serious about recording their gameplay videos on their iPhone devices to share with others online. Unfortunately, you just can't dive into all the action recording audio and video for gameplay on your iPhone without tinkering around with some other pieces of software, and that's where this quick guide is going to help you out.

Method 1: Using ReplayKit

ReplayKit has been introduced by Apple themselves as part of the World Wide Developers Conference, specifically designed by Apple engineers to make it easy for iPhone users and iPhone developers to figure out ways to record high definition audio and video off of their iPhone devices. However, game developers have to integrate this feature into their apps. You must have the framework built right in to the iOS system, and all games that allow for recording of audio and video while playing are going to have new record buttons integrated into their user interfaces.

How to record:

  1. In any game that supports it, you can hit the "record" button.
  2. Choose "Record screen & Microphone" to record game audio for gameplay.


The Replay Kit will silence all notifications while you are recording so that you don't have to worry any disruptions breaking up the recordings of your gameplay sessions. It just doesn't get much better than that!

Method 2: Using iTalk recorder

There are other applications that allow you to pretty easily record nothing but audio from your iPhone device (capturing either the audio coming through the iPhone's soundcard or the audio that you have going into the phone's microphone), but the only option that is really suitable for those that are serious about recording gameplay audio on their iPhone is the iTalk Recorder . One of the coolest features of iTalke recorder is that you can choose different bit rates to record audio, choosing between low definition audio recordings that are really simple and easy to share and higher definition audio recordings that offer much higher production values.

Here's video on how to record:

  1. Download and install iTalk recorder from the iTunes Store.
  2. Open the app and press the record button to record audio.
  3. Transfer the audio to computer.
  4. Add audio file to gameplay video.

If you'd like to share your audio you can do so using the built in tools or the Air Drop and Dropbox integration settings that we mentioned above.

All in all, there's nothing stopping you from recording high definition audio directly from your iPhone device when you are playing games and then using that audio in clips that you produce to share with others!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.