How to Record Wii U Gameplay

By May 12,2017 14:39 pm

There are lots of reasons why people need the ability to record wii u gameplay and there are two methods to achieving it. The first is to use a Elgato capture card and the second is without a capture card at all. You can use your recordings to show off to your friends, make tutorials or look back on the gameplay to find out where you went wrong. With two ways to record wii u gameplay whatever your preference you will be able to play back, share and record whenever you wish.

1. Record with Elgato Capture Card

Step 1: To record wii u gameplay with the Elgato capture card you first need to unbox and plug in the HDMI cable that is included to the labelled port. The other end has to go straight to you Wii U to connect them.

Step 2: To plug the next HDMI cable from your port to your television set or monitor. After following the second step you then need to use the mini USB to USB cable that is included with your capture card and plug it into your laptop or PC.

Step 3: Before you can record you will need to download the software for the Elgato game capture card and running it. To record your gameplay all you have to do is click on the red circle when you are ready.

For a step by step video tutorial:

2. Record wii u gameplay without a capture card

The second way to record wii u gameplay is to do it without a special capture card. In order to do this you will need a PC or laptop to record onto. The instructions to do so are as follows:

First of all you will need to install your screen capture program and run it so that you can get started. Before you begin recording you should first configure the settings to suit your needs. The better the quality the more space the file will take up so bear this in mind when you are configuring.

Step 1: Click the tab for encoding and enter 1000 into the field marked Max Bitrate

Step 2: Make the quality balance 10

Step 3: Ensure buffer is set to 0

Step 4: Adapt the broadcast setting so that it is ‘file output only’

Step 5: Use your hotkey (you will need to set this first) so that it can make it easier to start and stop recording.

Step 6: Once you have configured your settings you will be able to start playing, use your hotkey to start and stop recording when you need to. If you start the recording early you will be able to edit it later to take out the bits you don’t want.

The final way to record wii u gameplay is to use your mobile phone or camera to point it at the screen. For a step by step video that shows you how to do this.

Of course recording from your mobile will not give you the same quality and is more than likely to mean fiddling about with the angle of the camera so that you can get the best recording.

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