Xsplit Green Screen Tutorial

Mar 19,2018• Proven solutions

Chroma key in Xsplit enables you to place a camera into the gameplay so that you can feature on the screen. The feature is commonly used in video production that involves live in-stream commentary. The Green screen solution enables viewers to distinguish the speaker from the video background.

In this tutorial we walk you through such as feature: setting up a green screen in chroma key. It’s straight forward so let’s get straight into this.

Xsplit Green Screen Tutorial

Preparing a green screen

  • The first thing you need to do is hang a sheet or large, plain banner on the wall behind you to form a backdrop. The most commonly used colour is green, hence the name, although chroma key works with red and blue as well.
  • You should wear clothing that does not clash with the backdrop. Even if the colour is the same shade you will blend into the background and viewers won’t be able to see you.
  • Smooth the sheet over so it has no wrinkles and light up the backdrop as best you can using lamps.

Adjusting Settings in XSplit Chroma Key

  • Open up XSplit
  • Add the game you want to record then select your camera source
  • Find your webcam in the list and right click on it
  • First thing to do is go into the colour tab and select the option to activate chroma keyFirst thing to do is go into the colour tab and select the option to activate chroma key
  • Underneath you will see the option to set your colour code. Match this setting with the colour of your backdrop, either green, red or blue
  • Set the anti-aliasing to high
  • If you want to tweak the colour settings click the legacy mode field and use the sliders below to adjust threshold, exposure, brightness and contrast.
  • The primary setting is the threshold setting. This changes the colour of your backdrop from bright to dull. If you set the threshold too low the edges will appear jagged whilst setting the threshold too high causes distortion. You will need to play around with all the sliders to find the best settings for your camera and lighting set up.
  • When you are happy with the colour settings click out of the chroma key.

Recommended alternative

Although Xsplit is easy to use and offers a decent choice of features, you may want to look into alternative options. The software we most recommend is Wondershare Filmora scrn, a screen and game recorder that you don’t want to miss…

Filmora scrn is a powerful screen recorder and editing suite that is easier to use and more affordable than other options on the market.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

The free version enables you to capture and record screens and has two-way cameras so you can record your gameplay and yourself at the same time.

Developed by the leading prosumer video editor, Filmora scrn takes video editing to the next level. Equipped with an honest range of video editing tools, user can record, edit and polish videos from a user-interface that is so easy to use, you barely need an instruction manual.

The key features include the capacity to record your screen at a rate of up to 120 frames per second (fps) and add audio. The software is perfect for recording fast paced games. Few other low-cost screen recording packages support this capability.

Filmora scrn also has a two device recording functionality which enables you to record your screen and record from your webcam simultaneously. This feature provides an ideal solution for users that want to create engaging gameplay videos to share on social media networks.

Although the intuitive software is principally designed for gamers, filmora scrn is a handy tool for other users as well – which ultimately gives it the edge over XSplit.

Filmora scrn’s video editor includes a spread of high-quality tools that enables you to add a professional finish from a central desktop. You can add effects, annotations and change cursors to give your tutorials a dynamic touch and clearly communicate with your online audience.

Furthermore, filmora scrn supports a good variety of file formats for both import and export. This allows users to use footage from a number of external devices including GIF’s, MP4 and MOV.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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