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How to Create Compelling Webinar Invitation Emails?

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Jul 26, 2021• Proven solutions

Sharing knowledge through webinars is a great way to help others become better at what they do. However, sparking interest for your webinar might be a little bit more difficult than it seems, which is the reason why your webinar email invitations have to be unique, creative and above everything else effective.

If you were looking for tips and tricks that will make your webinar invitation emails stand out from the crowd, you've come to the right place, because in this article we will show you how to create invitation emails, that will increase the number of attendees on your webinars.

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How to Write Webinar Invitation Emails that Drive Registrations?

The first question your webinar email invitation has to answer is WHAT since the first thing everyone will want to know is what is the title of your webinar. Give short, simple and effective titles to your webinars, because they are the most likely to leave a strong impression.

By answering the WHEN question, you'll inform the reader about the time and date of the webinar, while answering the WHO question will give you a chance to briefly introduce yourself to the reader and show them that you are an expert in the area your webinar is covering.

Answer the WHY question to let the recipient of the webinar invitation email know what they will gain by signing up, and use a Call to Action to explain to the reader HOW they can easily become an attendee on your webinar.

Show that you CARE about the potential participants of your webinar by informing them if the recording will be available after the webinar if they are unable to attend, or by making the sign-up process as easy as it can possibly be. Offer to answer any additional questions before the online seminar starts and reply promptly to each question you receive.

Introduce Valuable Propositions in an Authentic and Creative Way in the Email Header

The amount of emails an average person receives on a daily basis is staggering, which means that the webinar invitations you send have a limited amount of time to grab the recipient's attention. The header of the email invitations should include the title of the webinar, the time when the webinar will be taking place and the name of the speaker. The title in the email's header should offer solutions to the problems the target group you're addressing may have. Titles that start with numbers have proven to be quite effective since they are brief, and they summarize what your webinar is offering. 

Using images to make the header more visually appealing may prove to be a great strategy that will increase your chances of reaching your ideal webinar attendee. Webinars are a form of visual communication and by investing a little bit of time and money to find the right picture for the invitation's header will make the webinar email invitation look more professional. You can even use your own photo as a way to introduce yourself to your audience.

The entire header should be hyperlinked so that the person reading the email can quickly get to the webinar registration page, but you can also include a button that takes the reader of the invitation to the sign-up page.

Deliver Detailed and Intelligible Description of the Webinar in the Email Body

Be direct and be personal. Address the reader with their first name, because it will create the impression that you sent the invitation directly to them. By sending generic messages that fail to acknowledge the reader, you may come across as cold or too promotional. Besides the tone you are using in the email, there are a few more things you should pay close attention to.

Use Bullets Points and Be Concise

The webinar email invitation must be informative, and easy to read at the same time. The best way to achieve this is to use bullet points to highlight what the attendees will learn and to be as brief, and yet as detailed as you can possibly be.

Emphasize the Most Important Information About the Event

When will the webinar take place? Will there be just one or several speakers? These pieces of information are easy to overlook, but they are crucial for anyone who wants to find out more about your webinar, before deciding whether or not they want to attend. The webinar invitation email body should include a sign-up button, that is usually accompanied by a call to action, that motivates the reader to attend your webinar.

Pay Attention to Time Zones

A webinar invitation email may easily land in the inbox of a person that doesn't live in the same time zone like you do. Using a Time Zone Converter which takes the reader to a webpage that tells them the exact time when the webinar will be taking place is a great way to show that you understand that time difference may prevent some of the potential participants to attend your webinar.

Connect on a Personal Level

People are naturally curious, so saying a few words about yourself in the email should help you create a bond, even before you've had the chance to meet them. Besides, you'll get a chance to explain that your experience and skills can actually help them solve problems and move forward in their personal or professional lives.

Offer Alternative Solutions for Participants Who Can't Make It in Time

Even though the fear of missing out can motivate the recipient of the webinar email invitation to register, your message should also inform them that they will receive the full recording of the webinar if something prevents them from attending.


Digital marketing is a science that's not easy to master, but creating webinar email invitations is not that difficult if you choose to follow the tips and tricks we provided in this article. Creating a personal bond and showing that you care about the attendees of your webinars is the best way to create a loyal audience that will follow your work and wait anxiously for your next webinar.

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