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8 APPs Like TikTok for iOS

Dec 28, 2020• Proven solutions

TikTok became immensely popular in 2020, and it can be said to be due to the Coronavirus Lockdown. Because people were stuck at home, they had to look for different entertainment sources, and TikTok became an easy answer. 

With TikTok, you can create short and fun videos, edit them, add filters, and post them on the App for people worldwide to see.  This App has made many people popular just within a few months. One can showcase their talent, sing, act, tell stories, create comedy, lip-sync, etc., and have many people view them daily.

TikTok is excellent, but there are many reasons why people seek alternative apps for their videos and content. If you are one of those people, keep reading to discover 8 Apps like TikTok that can be used on IOS devices.

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Likee is an excellent alternative to TikTok. It lets you make fun videos, uses a large number of filters, edit quickly, and post to a large waiting community to view. It has many similarities with the TikTok app, but it is also very different and unique.

With Likee, you can make original short videos, use their many video effects and filters, go live, receive gifts, and gain fans from countries all over the world. Even if you do not post any videos, you can still visit Likee and have fun. With contents pouring in from users around the globe every minute, you can always find fun videos to keep you on the App.



Snapchat has been around for quite some time, it doesn’t look a lot like TikTok or have most of its functions, but it is a great app to make short videos and share them with your friends and followers.

Snapchat is also very popular and has its own set of unique filters that cannot be found in any other app. It allows you to share fun moments with friends worldwide, views live stories, and post fun moments in your life. With Snapchat, your videos will be on the App for 24hours, after which they become unavailable for your followers. 



Triller has also been around for a longer time than TikTok. Although it had a harder time gaining popularity, it became a go-to for people during the Coronavirus Lockdown as well. This App has a library of thousands of songs from all over the world, and popular musicians sometimes use it to make videos.

On it, you can hop on a series of challenges, find fun short videos to watch, make your videos, use its multitudes of filters, and have fun being creative. It is a very new user-friendly and has an auto edit algorithm that makes creating content fun and easy.


This is another top video making and editing app that can be used as an alternative to TikTok. It allows you to make short and fun videos with music; you can easily create music videos at home or anywhere else.

There is an extensive collection of filters and video editing tools that you can take advantage of, making you look like a pro video editor even if you are a new user. Lomotif has a large community where you can share your videos, become popular, and make friends with people from all over the world.


Chingari is like the Indian version of TikTok. TikTok was banned in India. This made people start looking for an alternative. That is when Chingari was discovered. Even though it has been around for a while, it recently gained popularity.

Chingari allows users to share their short, fun videos for other users to watch. Although they do not have many editing and filter options, they also have their unique features. Users can watch videos without having to log in, and owners of unique content with a lot of views get paid.


Kwai is a Chinese video app that is one of TikTok’s biggest competition. They offer a lot of video editing and filter options. You can make interesting videos of yourself doing fun things and post them on Kwai. This App rewards its users for gaining many followers. The more followers you get, the more gifts you get.

You can find fun and exciting videos to watch on Kwai all the time. They also host fun and interesting challenges and contest to make the App more fun and exciting. There is also the addition of stories that allows you to post short contents that your followers can see for up to 48hours as opposed to stories on other social media Apps.


Dubsmash is another video sharing and editing app that allows you to make fun videos of yourself, usually with voice-overs from popular songs and movies. The videos made on Dubsmash are known as Dubs and can be shared with friends on the App. 

It is easier to get discovered on the explore page and also allows creators to post fresh and original sounds for their videos. Dubsmash is also very kid-friendly, it allows children to explore their creative side, and parents can restrict what their child sees and posts.

Instagram Reels

Instagram realized the importance of creative videos created a space where people can make fun and interesting videos, with many editing tools and filters for their use. With its ever-growing community of over 1billion users on Instagram, it was easy for reals to become popular and stand as an alternative to TikTok.

With Reels, you have the option of making fun short videos with a lot of unique filters and effects available to you. You also get various songs to shoot with from the Instagram music library or include your original sound. After your video is made, you can share it with your Instagram followers or be discovered on the explore page. It is easy to become famous on Instagram Reels.

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Every App has features that make it unique. You can also make the videos posted on these platforms better by creating them and editing them with the Filmora X. It can be downloaded on a Mac and help take your video creating and editing skills to the next level. If you have been a TikTok user and are looking for other apps where you can make fun short videos, you can try any of the above. They are all free and can be downloaded on all IOS devices.

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Shanoon Cox
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