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How to earn money on TikTok?

Jan 25, 2021• Proven solutions

TikTok has taken a great hold on the globe today.  So, It is the most fantastic time to earn money on TikTok. That is why a lot of bloggers are transferring to TikTok. And there are a lot of perks doing that. According to some recent statistics, about 800 million people come to TikTok every month. 

Not only bloggers, but many YouTubers, singers, models, and actresses are also availing the opportunity to earn money for free. For instance; talking about Nicole, who was primarily a Canadian travel blogger, is now famous as "@canadiantravelgal". She has a huge fan base, and almost half a million humans on this planet follow her. She has successfully made her hobby, lifestyle, and traveling a source of income via TikTok. 

Now let's have a sneak into the struggle behind the cause. I will explain the necessary steps here to tell you the system's know-how and how to get an entry. 

Section 1. How to build your TikTok image

We all know that building a good social media image is the key of earn money on TikTok, While how to do that? 

Step1.A Stunning TikTok Profile

Aboriginally speaking, your TikTok profile must be unique enough to attract the attention of your audience. You must be giving enough consideration for your followers to increase. You need a fresh mind to create unique content to stand different and hit position in the market. This will gather you as many followers as possible. And saying this; be focused. 

Step2. Choose the Genres you are good at

There are a lot of genres and niches on TikTok for different people of different tastes. Among which people tend to select their choice, which intrigues them. May it be funny or sober, beauty tips or cooking tips, emotional or sentimental, sports or health, lifestyle or food, or any other idea that comes to your mind, especially those you think are your specialty. And keep in mind the trends of the market too.

For this, you may help yourself with surfing on different social media handles to know what's in these days. 

Step3. Connect your social media ids

A point of great significance to have your attention is linking TikTok id with your other social media ids such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.

This will help you reach out to more people and let them have a glimpse of your work. And once you gather a massive load of people on your TikTok id, the rest of the job will get done by itself, and to earn money on TikTok will get in hand. 

Don't forget to use enough hashtags related to your content's niche to uplift your content's visibility. 

Step4. Connect with other influencers

After you got the number of followers you already had set as a goal. Now the next step will be approaching different celebrities and other influencers to sponsor you. You can help them by giving shout outs to them too. This will be supporting both parties.  And if lucky enough, you may be approached by emerging brands or entrepreneurs to showcase their commodities in your videos, which might be getting viral with every passing second. 

Section 2. How to earn money on TikTok

Method 1. Plug your owned businesses into TikTok

It would be very relevant to plug your businesses into TikTok.  This can be proved as a helping hand in both ways, either if you start establishing your own business through the stage of TikTok or if you are interested in fetching the audience's attention through the advertisement of an already flourished occupation. 

Method 2. Make Cool Videos

TikTok is the best suitable platform to show Ads. We all know that there are many cool videos on TikTok. Imagine if you are very good at making cool videos and display them on TikTok. It may attract many bands to come to you to place ads in your videos for their products.

If you have the idea of doing this, Video Editor FilmoaX can help you with it.

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Method 3. Teaching on TikTok

And in the alternative case given, use your already existing industry to prosper your tiktok profile. Eventually, more people will come to know about your setup. May it be a course for which people have to pay, may it be some professional tips of some kind or any other idea. If you make people curious once, they will pay every price off to listen to the expertise. 


The era in which we live has given a lot of platforms to pamper the sense of your creativity. Hence you can use these platforms very cleverly and inventively to attract enough attention from different brands and ads to sponsor you. This will provide you a concrete podium to earn money on TikTok and share your concern. 

For making a flawless video to upload on TikTok, there is no better tool than FilmoraX Mac. It's a must-use application if you want to turn your dream "to make money on tiktok" into reality.

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Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.