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How to Advertise on TikTok and Best TikTok Ads Examples

Shanoon Cox
Shanoon Cox
Originally published Dec 10, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Since the emergence of TikTok in 2018, the app has grown and developed exponentially. The presence of users having the power to choose what to post has significantly contributed to its growth. During the first quarter, it gained 350 million downloads. Currently, it boasts of having more than 800 million active users globally. However, it continues to grow and is overtaking contemporary applications like Instagram.

TikTok is a social media platform that is easily accessible from mobile phones. Besides its easy accessibility, it is a platform where content creators reach out to the entire world by uploading short videos. Brands have utilized its features like TikTok Ads Manager to market their services. This article elaborates everything about TikTok advertising: reaching your target audience using ads.

tiktok ads

Part 1: Why does TikTok Advertising Matter?

1. The current generation dominates the entire platform.

As the statement suggests, most TikTok users are teens and young adults. According to research, it is the largest population and has a considerable purchasing power of over $140 billion. Currently known as Generation Z, it also consists of the largest population in the United States and other countries in the world. These statistics imply that your business can grow when you invest in targeting this audience. Therefore, use TikTok Ads Manager to market your business here. As expected, you will collect more revenue from TikTok users.

2. High engagement rate on TikTok

Surprisingly, TikTok has overtaken so many leading brands like Facebookregarding time spent by users. Over 70% of users in the United States and the UK spend more time on TikTok than Facebook. Advertising on TikTok always increases the engagement rate required for your business. Consequently, many companies have taken advantage of that and benefited more than they had on other platforms. Some startling facts?

Young adults' average time on Facebook is 58.5 minutes, while TikTok consumes 1 hour and 20 minutes of their time every day. Do you know what that means? More people will encounter your products and services on TikTok than on any social media platform. The more significant number of viewers leads to a larger market to get more clients.

3. Advertising on TikTok gets your video to be viewed by many.

A larger population retains more information obtained from videos than written information. About 93% of brands have gained many customers by using social media. Advertising your products on social media platforms allows you to reach a wider audience than other ways of communication. Most of the people are members of various social media groups. That translates to reaching a wider audience by using a single ad.

4. The numerous ad formats for TikTok allow more significant engagements.

TikTok comes with many TikTok advertising formats that will make you reach a wider audience. Whether they are making videos, watching the "For You" feeds, or whatever they are doing on TikTok, they will still come across your ads.

We have covered these types of advert formats below, so keep reading. If you have never used videos in marketing, give it a try and see miracles happen. Any marketing campaign that utilizes video is always powerful compared to text.

5.TikTok ads convey your products and services to an international audience.

TikTok is currently available in 170 countries, and its expansion does not seem to slow down very soon. Moreover, it has many language subtitles amounting to 70. Since most of these languages are international, there's no reason why you should be hesitating to access a global market. It doesn't matter whether your business is still getting on its feet. You will quickly get clients by serving them online. Slowly you will find your way out and end up surpassing the branded "marketing experts."

Part 2: What are Types of TikTok Ads?

We have been stressing about types of TikTok ads, and now they are. There are five TikTok ads examples that you can use to embrace your digital marketing skills.

1. In-Feed Ads

tiktok in feed ads

These are ads that will get displayed in the recommended videos of TikTok users. Regardless of their browsing history, they will come across these ads and get anxious about the services they are making efforts to market. The better part is that TikTokers can share your ads and help you to use more negligible amounts of the hard-earned money you spend in purchasing the ads. Viewers can also comment and like your ads. Take advantage of converting those who comment and subscribe to long-term clients—usually, blending this with other marketing tactics makes it even better!

A takeaway tip- include some inspiring music to convince your customers.

2. Brand Takeover ads

These pop-up ads appear on the screen once the user opens the TikTok app. Usually, the ad will stay on the screen for a short time before turning into a feeds ad. Your ad will still be visible in the "For You" section. It can appear as a video or image with hyperlinks to direct the client's interest to your webpage. It is not just about helping TikTok get backlinks but primarily promoting your business. That's not just interesting. It's because your work is made much easier by waiting for the client to click on the ad. Ensure that your ad is impressive enough to have a higher click-through rate. Remember that your click-through rate will determine the number of sales you get.

3. Top View ads

tiktok top view ads

These cover the first post in the "Feeds" section for a short while. Ground shuttering sounds always accompany them to capture the audience's attention through the TikTok marketing campaigns. As usual, everyone will always pay attention to what the sound is all about. Right? At that moment, any interested viewers will click the link in the ad, which will direct them to your landing page. That's where they will find all that they need and might consider trying out what you offer.

4. Branded hashtags ads

tiktok hashtags ads

Branded hashtags adverts are the most common on TikTok. They will mainly involve asking someone to record a video of a specific action. For instance, they will include uploading a video of something like doing some gymnastics, performing a dance, or something of the sort. The video uploaded is always under specific hashtags.

This idea has been helpful for many content creators whereby clicking on one of the videos leads to the emergence of related videos under the same hashtag. It is a perfect way to build your brand and trust among the clients you deal with. Whenever a customer comes across a video from somebody who has used the same product, they will be automatically convinced.

Have you ever come across customer reviews on marketing brands like Amazon? That's the same way that this technique works. The only difference is that reviews are written, while branded hashtags have hyperlinks to lead you to a video.

5. Branded effects ads

tiktok effects ads

Unlike branded hashtags adverts, branded effects ads come with unique animations, including applying some filters on the ad. They last for more than a week on TikTok before changing to break the monotony of those who see them. Like your products in the market, customers will always be happy to see your new and improved products. Therefore, you will maintain the content while filter effects are changed occasionally.

Part 3: Learn from 5 Best TikTok Ad Examples

1. Acome

Acome is an example of an In-Feed ad. It deals with electronics, mobile phones, and exposes its products to the entire world, all the way from Indonesia. The ad created increases the visibility of the phones in the competitive marketplace. The company has acquired many clients through this online marketing technique to a more significant extent. This simple ad gained 480,000 clicks, in which 34% percent of the clicks became customers. The method works. Doesn't it?

2. Kroger

tiktok ads kroger

The company launched its campaign when the students were just about to report to schools. The campaign contained videos on students displaying what they had bought from the company. A hashtag also accompanied the ad to promote more services like stationery and bedding equipment necessary for students. The ad generated a lot of organic traffic, boosting its SEO ranking in SERPs by garnering more than 3 million views, 252000 likes, and 1k comments and shares.

3. Guess


Guess specializes in a lucrative business that supplies clothes among the United States’ teens and the youth. Creating a hashtag that displays the youth's luxurious fashion styles gave them an upper hand over other companies. The engagement rate increased spontaneously with an additional 14.3% click-through rate and gaining 12k new subscribers by partnering with some TikTok marketing agencies.

4. Gusher

Gusher is a candy business that uses TikTok ads to access a broader audience to taste their candies. The first attempt to create a TikTok ad gained new 5 million views. That motivated them to continue using ads that have propelled their business by skyrocketing their purchasing power. TikTok ads have done miracles for many companies, and Gusher is no exception.

5. Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren

This was a TikTok ad created to market the clothing business of Ralph Lauren. Did it also use hashtags? Yes, but there was something extra. The company used a social media influencer, Diana Silvers, an actress. Usually, everyone would always want to listen to what celebrities are saying.

The fact that Diana was an actress made the company get recognized. Clients were allowed to make direct purchases just by using a few clicks—the number of customers received that month was tremendous. Increased sales and handling many customers was the talk of the day. It allowed users to access the company directly led to the company using email marketing techniques because of the emails saved during the online purchasing process.

Part 4: How to Run Ads on TikTok?

Creating and running adverts on TikTok should not be difficult. The app has a straightforward way of doing it. Whether you have a small business like a freelancer, you will need to advertise it for direct clients. To use ads, go to the dashboard and select the “Campaign” tab, located at the top. Pick from the available sections from the tab depending on your marketing preferences. You are at liberty to choose from traffic, app installs, and conversions.

Before you begin advertising, have some cash to purchase the ad for as little as $10 for a successful TikTok campaign. The amount you choose to pay depends on the format and duration of the ad. Presently, only short-duration ads are supported. But of course, we expect the period to increase with time. Use the Newsfeed section to get some captivating images for your ads. Also include some videos from your library, template, brilliant video, or upload a new one.

Part 5: Make Your TikTok Ads Attractive with Filmora

Creating an impressive ad or video on TikTok requires you to edit the videos and make them look attractive. We recommend using pro tools like Wondershare Filmora. Are other apps bad? No! But here’s why we recommend Wondershare Filmora:

You can upload the video instantly with Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmorax boxpng

There are many editing built-in tools and features like the application of effects, captions, and fantastic themes. All these are easy to use since no experience is required. The app supports both simple and advanced editing. Ranging from cropping to trimming videos, you are guaranteed to have an excellent experience and a high success rate.

Check out this one before creating your TikTok ads

There are a few points that you should consider to make your video creation outstanding, along with adding TikTok ads songs. Let’s check them out:

Know your budget and target audience –The first thing considered should be the amount to spend on buying ads. Also, know who should access the information. Are you targeting teens? Gamers? Students or whoever you wish to target, tell them how you will serve them and why you should serve them.

Upload a new video. Let the video that you select be original. It should be new so that people find it fascinating. No one would enjoy watching something that has been around for long.

Add text to your videos. The text communicates more information than just video. A call-to-action will do better because readers will get prompted to take immediate action- a TikTok campaign idea that has worked for the leading brands that boast of their many clients.


To sum up, TikTok is an excellent platform to market your business by ads. However, a high-quality ad should be authentic, original, and informative. Use editing tools like Wondershare Filmora and involve some influencers in your videos as you watch your market grow.

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