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How to Test Stream on Twitch Without Going Live?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Dec 15, 22, updated Jan 17, 24

Twitch is a great platform that is primarily used by many gamers for streaming their games. With every passing day, we see more people coming onto the live streaming systems of Twitch. The increasing number of users preferring streaming will have more requirements for them. The first requirement would be ensuring the streaming quality, which should be perfect in all senses.

Although the platform should provide quality results, running a test stream is an essential alternative to ensure quality. Test streams allow people to be sure of how the results look before they go live to other users. This article is based on providing a guide on how to test stream on Twitch.

In this article
  1. Benefits of Running a Test Stream Before Starting Formally
  2. How to Run a Test Live Stream on Twitch
  3. FAQs About Test Stream on Twitch
  4. Bonus Tip: Easily Record Your Test Twitch Live Stream

Part 1: Benefits of Running a Test Stream Before Starting Formally

Why should one consider running a test stream on Twitch? Being a gamer, the only thing that can grab your supporters and followers is the quality of your stream. So, verifying the quality of the stream is something that cannot be compromised.

To understand more about this system, you should know the benefits of running a test stream before the formal start. We've set up a few benefits to understand the reason for this specific procedure:

  • You have to ensure that the audio and video are going well together. There should be no latencies or lags between both elements.
  • Have a look at the facial results on the computer screen before starting a formal stream. Make changes in the facial results by using different elements, including filters. You should adjust them properly, so your face looks perfect, good, and fresh while streaming.
  • Live streaming involves the use of multiple devices and equipment. The need to test the stream allows you to check and adjust the equipment for streaming.

Part 2: How to Run a Test Live Stream on Twitch

With that, it is time to figure out how to test Twitch Stream with the right steps. We have put up steps for you that can help you set things up on Twitch easily:

Step1 First, log into your Twitch account with a proper network connection. Try to use a PC or a Mac while logging into Twitch for live streaming.

login to twitch

Step2 As you log in on Twitch, you will have to lead to the Twitch Inspector from your browser and follow the on-screen guidelines as you log into it with your account. Twitch Inspector provides you with all the details of the streaming.

access twitch inspector on the browser

Step3 You will need streaming software for executing the live stream on Twitch. For that, we recommend using OBS, a free and open-source streaming tool. OBS provides a complete set of tools to stream games, along with other secondary aspects that are automatically dealt with by the tool.

download and install obs studio

Step4 Lead to Twitch and proceed to the "Creator Dashboard" settings. Direct yourselves to the "Settings" tab by selecting the option from the left panel. You will be led to a new screen where you have to find the "Stream Key" option. Copy this to the clipboard, as this key is connected to the channel.

copy the twitch stream key

Step5 Open OBS Studio on your computer and proceed to the "File" tab, where you must select "Settings" from the drop-down menu. As a window opens, select "Stream" from the left panel to open its settings. While you set the service to "Twitch," click on the "Use Stream Key" button to paste the copied key.

add the twitch stream key

Step6 Proceed to click on the “Start Streaming” button to initiate the test stream. You will observe a green box appearing on the screen as the streaming starts.

tap on start streaming button

Step7 Direct the Twitch Inspector to assess the quality and stability of the stream. Observe all parameters properly and adjust them according to the requirements.

check the twitch inspector results

FAQs About Test Stream on Twitch

1. How long should a test stream be?

You should perform a test stream for about 15 minutes. The reason to perform this procedure for this time parameter is to obtain and analyze bitrate stability from the Twitch Inspector. This helps ensure the quality of the live stream.

2. Can other people watch my test stream?

This process is an offline procedure that you perform to ensure the quality of the live stream before going online. If you invite a particular friend to it, they can watch the test stream.

3. How do I test stream audio on Twitch?

The best way to test stream audio on Twitch is to record the test live stream and preview it, as every game has different sound levels. You have to only record the test stream on OBS or any other streaming software you use.

Bonus Tip: Easily Record Your Test Twitch Live Stream

As you have learned how to run a test stream on Twitch, you might also want to save it on your computer. You will have to record it using a complete tool providing this service. Filmora Screen Recorder is a renowned tool built to provide you with the option of recording live streams and other videos easily.

filmora screen recorder interface

Filmora Screen Recorder is a professional recording tool that provides a multitude of features to its users. With basic editing features, you can enjoy split screens, keyframing, motion tracking, and many other proficient functions. As you define the custom recording area, look for the perfect results of your test streams in terms of quality. The results of your recording won't be disappointing with Filmora Screen Recorder.


This article has guided you through a comprehensive overview of how to test stream without going live on Twitch. Along with the benefits and steps to execute this procedure, you can ensure the quality checks on your live streams.

For recording the test live streams for a better view, we have mentioned Filmora Screen Recorder as your go-to solution in the “Bonus Tip” section. We do hope that you will be able to get onto performing live streaming while playing games.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jan 17, 24
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