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How to Use Twitter for Business

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

A single tweet can do miracles for your brand. This social media platform enables its users to interact in numerous ways, which is the reason why Twitter can assist you in raising brand awareness or testing the public opinion about the products and services your company offers. In addition to these powerful advertising tools, you can also share articles or any other type of content that is relevant to the line of business you are in.

In this manner, Twitter enables brands and companies to hear what the consumers of their products have to say about the topics that are important for crafting and planning future marketing strategies. Let's explore different ways of using Twitter to make your business more successful.

The Benefits of Brand Marketing with Twitter

In a society that is becoming increasingly dependent on digital technology, most brands simply can't afford to miss out on social media. There are countless advantages of incorporating Twitter into your online marketing strategy, including presenting your company as modern, and future-oriented. Companies also frequently use Twitter for the following purposes:

1. PR and Networking

No man or brand is an island, and that is the reason why companies must use all the means available to them to create better relationships with their clients or potential partners. Furthermore, sharing the news about the events your company is organizing on Twitter can help you spread the news about the great work you are doing.

2. Brand awareness

Starting from scratch is never easy, but using Twitter to raise brand awareness can make it easier. People from all over the world spend a lot of time on this social media network, which presents a golden opportunity for small brands to gain better recognition and reach new markets.

3. Efficient Customer Service

Twitter allows you to respond to a client's request or a question in a matter of minutes. Responding to client's requests promptly can be a crucial step in building closer relationships with consumers of your products.

4. Build rock-solid relationships with influencers

Social media influencers can help you reach new clients, build better brand recognition and make more profit in the process. Twitter is just one among many platforms where influencer can be of assistance to small and big businesses, so making a great relationship with an influential person on Twitter can also result in a better performance of your posts on other social media.

5. Comparing Twitter with other social media platforms

A tweet is like a Facebook post, only shorter and better because all of your Tweets land in the news feeds of all your followers. Sharing photos on Twitter is easy, like on Pinterest, but having a discussion about the questions the picture is raising is far easier on Twitter than it is on Pinterest.

Both LinkedIn and Twitter enable you to build a network of professional contacts, but on Twitter, you can follow anyone you want, without having to get their confirmation. Video content is growing increasingly important for a wide array of business, which is the reason why Twitter platform allows you to share links to videos, but unlike YouTube, the platform doesn't let you have your own channel or create a collection of videos.

How to Create Twitter Business Account

Check this completed guide on How to Create a Twitter Business Profile.

Methods and Strategies You Should Use to Improve Your Business

Having a plan for an online marketing campaign is a sure way to increase the sales of your products, but each plan has to have its methods and strategies.

1. Set achievable goals

Regardless of what you do in life, having clear and achievable goals is important. The same is true for your marketing strategy, since knowing exactly what kind of public image you want to create or knowing the target group you are addressing can make the difference between failure and success. Instead of trying to do too much, you should focus on achieving small accomplishments that take your company in the direction you envisioned.

2. Build your follower base patiently

Don't be intimidated by Twitter accounts that have thousands of followers, because it probably took them years to build such a huge follower base. Be patient, since finding loyal followers that will respond to every Tweet you share is not an easy task. The quality of the content you share can significantly improve your chances to shorten the amount of time required to build a solid follower base.

3. Tweet at the perfect time

Knowing who your followers are and how their lives look like can be of assistance if you want to maximize the reach of your Tweets. Sharing new content on Twitter during the work hours can be counterproductive because your followers are not likely to be using this social media platform while they are at work. Study closely which of your tweets got the most likes, retweets, and comments and try to post new tweets at the approximately same time.

4. Keep your posts short and simple

Sometimes saying too much is worse than saying too much. Twitter only allows you to have 160 characters long posts, so make the best of it, and don't be afraid to share Tweets that have much fewer characters than that. Instead, let the pictures, videos or links to your website do the talking because a single picture can tell the marketing story much better than a 140 character sentence. Be creative and come up with engaging captions for your posts that will make your followers anxious to find out what your latest tweet is about.

5. Advertise on Twitter

Twitter runs ads, like so many other social media networks. An ad on this social media network will enable you to set target audience, increase the reach of your tweets and increase the number of followers on your account. Trying out different ads and seeing which options work best will allow you to spend money wisely on advertising that actually produces results. The Twitter's Advertise feature is designed to assist marketers to develop viable strategies that increase the sales of the company's products and improve brand awareness significantly. Even though this feature isn't free it is quite effective, so investing in it can help you generate more revenue.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.