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Top 5 AVI Video Cutter: Trim/Cut AVI Video

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

These days, people are simply creating videos through mobile devices, digital cameras, TV/Car DVRs, webcams, or screen recording devices. It’s trendy all around the globe. The limitation is that the file size of these videos is pretty extensive, and it will take a long time to upload or edit videos over different video-sharing platforms. In this scenario, you have to use a professional video cutter program (explicitly talking about the AVI cutter) that allows you to cut video sections promptly while maintaining the original video quality.

In this guide, we’ll dive into the top 5 AVI cutters to help you cut/trim AVI videos at the flick of a button.

Part 1: Top 5 AVI Video Cutter

Before we jump into the central part, let's have a look at the following section.

How to choose a video cutter or AVI cutter?

  • Online or Desktop - If you look for professional editing features, a desktop video cutter suits you better. If you rarely cut a video and don't need other specs, go for an online video cutter.
  • Supported formats - Ensure that the video cutter or AVI cutter you choose supports your video format.
  • Editing features - Some video cutters or AVI cutters allow not only to cut a section of the video but also to combine video clips, transitions, apply effects, add text, music etc. Choose a program that is all in one, advanced yet beginner-friendly.
  • Operating speed – The speed matters a lot, specifically when a video cutter or AVI cutter aims to cut a large part of the video file.
  • Cost - Picking an AVI cutter should consider your budget as well. An excellent video cutter should be reasonable and offer its users the most significant cost performance. 

Considering the above pointers, we summarize the five best AVI cutters. Try these tools and find the one that works best for you.

1. Best AVI Cutter - Wondershare Filmora (Windows & Mac)

Filmora is an award-winning video editing platform that lets you create visually stunning videos without the need to do complex edits. The software is lightweight so that even those with the most basic PC configurations can create videos with ease. In addition, the video maker has stellar video and audio editing features such as motion tracking, audio ducking, color matching, and keyframing animations.

If you don't feel like using a professional video editing program, go for Filmora for Mac! It's a simple video editor, and it's completely free! In addition, it offers Hardware Acceleration which means editing videos will be much faster and smoother. It also provides various Touch Bar controls, which will make your workflow more efficient.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Platform: Windows, Mac

Key Features

  • Cut, trim, crop, split, and merge video with ease.
  • Advanced color tuning tools to help you develop creative videos
  • Tons of video effects, filters, and transitions, including AR stickers
  • Comprehensive support for different formats


Steps of How to cut/trim AVI video with Filmora:

Step 1: Import your AVI video

Import your clips by either clicking on Import Media Files or dragging and dropping your video into the import area.

import avi video

Step 2: Cut/Trim AVI video

After importing, drag it to the timeline. Then, stretch the video track in the timeline so you can select the frames you want to trim.

Drag the video clip, either to the right or left, to cut the video's beginning or end.

cut avi video

Step 3: Edit Video (optional)

Apply markers, color correction, effects, transitions, and more to up to 100 multimedia tracks. Add amounts of stunning effects for different niches of your choice, including motion elements, animated titles, royalty-free music, and transitions.

Step 4: Save and export video

After completing the project, click Export and choose from the sharing options as Format, Device, YouTube/Vimeo, and DVD.

export avi video

Format: Export to a file format that lets you play your movie on computers.

Device: Export to a file format that lets you play your movie on game consoles, video players, or mobile devices.

YouTube/Vimeo: Share your clip on YouTube or Vimeo.

DVD: Burn your disc or a movie or save it as an ISO image file.

2. iMovie (Mac Only)

iMovie has been by default on new Macs for a long time now, and it's evolved into an inclusive video editing app – although, of course, not available on PC. It's elementary in usage and comes with a bundle of transitions and templates, specifically the movie trailers. It's a good yet fundamental example of Apple software: stylish, practical, and easy for beginners to use.



  • Easy to use.
  • Great templates.
  • Quick edits for raw video


  • It is not intuitive to add music over the video.
  • The app itself is a bit of a resource hog.

3. Joyoshare Video Cutter (Windows & Mac)

Joyoshare VidiKit (originally Joyoshare Media Cutter) is one of the best video cutter software in the current market, widely recognized for the lossless video cutter. You can use it to trim any video file and merge clips generated from the same source into a new one.

This software has a user-friendly editing panel, and the video cutting is speedy. There is no need for IT skills or professional knowledge relating to audio/video formats.

Joyoshare Video Cutter


  • Very easy to use.
  • Editing features are a big plus.
  • Works smoothly without lags and occupies significantly less RAM space


  • It merges only parts from the same video that you select at that time only.
  • No direct way to ‘remove’ an unwanted part of a video if it is in the middle of the video

4. Windows Movie Maker (Windows Only)

Windows Video Maker is an ideal choice for beginners. It is freely available for Windows PCs, along with central functions and workflow elements in video editing systems designed with a bit of advancement. Its intuitive interface has a clearer video editor timeline and is easy enough for even newbie editors to grasp.

With Windows Movie Maker's trimming options, you can manipulate your footage and edit it so that your movie looks precisely how you want it to. One of the most superficial manners to do this is by using the trim tool. However, it doesn't offer frame by frame and more detailed trimming as Wondershare Filmora for Mac.

Windows Movie Maker


  • Lots of transitions
  • Effects auto preview
  • Good sharing capabilities


  • No visual effects adjustments
  • Only basic trim options

5.Avidemux (Windows & Mac)

Avidemux is a free video editor cum AVI cutter that's simple to use, even if you've never cut and manipulated your footage before. It is best for applying quick edits and cuts. Unlike many video editors, there's no central pool for importing video clips, images, and audio files, and there's no timeline with multiple tracks.

Thus, to trim videos with Avidemux, you must follow a pretty complex process, especially beginners.



  • Clear interface
  • Excellent encoding options
  • Sharpening and de-noising filters


  • No timeline
  • No creative effects or transitions


Part2. FAQ of Editing AVI Files.

Hopefully, these FAQs cleared up any confusion you had.

1. Can I export my AVI videos directly to YouTube with Filmora?

Certainly Yes! With Filmora, you can upload your videos to YouTube directly. In the export window, click on YouTube, add details of your video, sign in with your YouTube account and there you go. 

2. Will my video’s quality gets downgraded after editing?

Not at all. No worry, Filmora doesn’t re-encode videos which means your videos will not get compressed and there won’t be any quality loss.  

Part 3: Final Words

Thus, some of the top 5 AVI cutters and their respective features described above support an incredible amount of video formats and save new video clips as the original quality. In contrast, others contain an intuitive interface that makes cutting videos easy for even novice video editors.

The one that professional video editors were to die for is Wondershare Filmora for Mac. It is not only a beginner-friendly AVI cutter but also a one-stop solution to all your professional editing needs.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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