What is Bokeh and How Does it Work on iPhone 7 Plus?

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Apple has introduced Bokeh to the world of smartphones, as it has never been used before in such small devices. This is one of the major features in DSLR cameras and other professional options, making the background a bit blurry and adding bubbles, circles or other effects. At the same time, the foreground is highlighted to the fullest and every single detail is apparent. So in a nutshell, Bokeh is the effect of blurring the background and simultaneously adding some light on it. Of course, Bokeh has become truly popular among professionals and photo enthusiasts. However, its use has always been controversial; many photographers do not find this feature appealing or serving an actual purpose, preferring not to use it.

What is Bokeh?

Bokeh is usually the result of setting a wider aperture and getting a shallower depth of field in return. This is something that cannot be completed successfully in the case of smartphones and other small devices. So what Apple has done was to fake this effect and use it on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Let’s have a look at how Bokeh works on the newest products of Apple, even though we do feel the need to stress out that it is a fake-Bokeh effect. When compared to the professional looking photos using the same feature, there is no way you choose the picture taken by your smartphone.

How Does Bokeh Work on iPhone 7 Plus?

As we have pointed out above, what makes a difference and changes the lenses towards creating this fake Bokeh effect is the contrast between them. Apple creates a depth map using the difference between the two lenses and with this depth map there is a clear distinction between the objects that appear in the background and those that remain in the spotlight. After identifying the objects, the background becomes blurrier, and the outcome resembles the real Bokeh effect. Without the addition of an extra lens, this effect would not be an option for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Their different angles and properties redefine pictures taken on your smartphone, and the phone can now create more sophisticated and professionally looking picture.

How to Get Bokeh without iPhone 7?

If you are a professional photographer, you already know the answer to this question. With the use of a sophisticated DSLR camera, you can adjust the depth of the lens and create a wider aperture, narrowing the aperture of the field. This will offer you a nice, clean Bokeh effect.In this case, you will need a wide aperture and a low f-stop. The picture you wish to highlight in the foreground should be placed at a shallow field depth. It is advisable to get the object as close to the camera as possible for the best outcome.

For all others, this is going to shed some light on how to achieve the real Bokeh effect without the use of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus and without having to spend a whole fortune purchasing a DSLR camera.

In addition, you can use one of the various photo editing apps available in the market nowadays. BeFunky is one of the most popular photo editors, adding special photo effects to your pictures in no time. When you learn how to use this app, you will be able to adjust the width and depth of the picture each time and ultimately get the Bokeh effect you have been after. Photo Editor Bokeh is another option, particularly specialized in this effect and offering you the chance to complete the edition of your pictures swiftly.

Wondershare Filmora is a video editor that can help you out get the results you want.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

One more option for you to keep in mind is the addition of Bokeh overlays on your videos. In this case, you need to adjust the video layer opacity as per your taste and preferences. You will be able to modify the color balance and add extra filters on your video clip, making it more appealing and interesting to watch. You can download Bokeh overlays online and choose among a variety of alternatives, which meet your own needs at a time. This is a practical and easy way to use Bokeh effects without iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and of course without professional equipment.

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