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How to Capture Screen Video with Corel VideoStudio

Mar 05,2020• Proven solutions

The rapid and dazzling development of the digital video technologies has enabled an increasing number of people to reap the benefits of screen capturing process. Online video tutorials, gaming videos and many other types of online videos would be impossible without the screen capture feature provided by most video editing software as well as screen capturing programs.

In this article, we will show you how to capture screen videos with Corel VideoStudio, but we will also provide you with a faster and much more enjoyable alternative.

How to Capture Screen Video with Corel VideoStudio

How to Capture the Desktop Screen Video?

The simplest and the fastest way to capture the desktop screen video in Corel VideoStudio is to use the 'Live Screen Capture' feature. In order to do so, simply select it from the 'Start' menu or alternatively you can click on the 'Screen Capture' feature under the 'Record/Capture' option. This action will minimize the Corel VideoStudio window and you will be able to see 'Live Screen Capture' toolbar on the screen.

Adjusting the 'Live Screen Capture' Settings: If you would like to ensure that your screen recording is in accordance with your wishes configuring the screen recording settings is the right thing to do. Click on the 'Settings' button and begin customizing the settings by entering the file name and choosing the location on your hard-disc where you want to save the file.

In the next step you will need to choose the preferred frame rate, but when doing so, keep in mind that higher frame rates create larger files that take more time to upload onto the Internet, but if you need to capture the on-screen action accurately, selecting a higher frame rate is a much better option, despite the size of the file. During this stage of the process, you can also select the file format of the video you are going to capture.

In the next step, you will need to enable the 'Voice Recording' in the 'Audio' settings if you would like to narrate the video, and you can also choose whether or not you want to record 'system audio'.

Finally, before starting a screen recording session, designate the area of the screen you want to capture, you can do this by either selecting the default 'Full Screen' option or by customizing the area so that it covers only the parts of the screen you want to include in your video.

After completing this task hit the record button and commence the recording session, if you would like to pause the recording, press the F11 button on your keyboard, or the F10 button if you want to stop recording.

How to Capture Videos from Devices?

Besides being able to capture desktop screen recordings, Corel VideoStudio also allows you to capture the footage from your camcorder. Launch the video editing software and connect the device to your computer with the firewire cable, then set the camcorder on Play in either VCR or VTC mode. In the 'Capture Options' window, select the 'Capture Video' option and then find your device in the 'Format' drop-down menu. At this stage of the video capturing process, you can also select the destination folder to which your footage will be transferred by selecting the folder from the list.

If you would like to capture only a portion of the video material you have on your camcorder, scan it or use the 'Navigation' area to play through the footage. Once you are ready to start transferring your video clips, click on the 'Capture Video' button and if at any point of the capturing process you'd like to stop it, simply hit the 'Escape' button on your keyboard.

Switching from 'Play' to 'Record' mode on your camera will enable you to capture live videos and transfer them from your device to the Corel VideoStudio while you are recording.

A Faster and Easier Way of Capturing Screen Videos

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

If you are looking for a faster and easier way of capturing screen videos you should consider using Wondershare Filmora video editing software because it will enable you to create screen videos in only a few simple steps. Once you've launched the software in the 'Full Feature' mode, click on the 'Record PC Screen' option in the 'Record' menu. The 'Wondeshare Screen Recorder' window will appear on the screen, and you can proceed to designate the area of the desktop you want to capture, and you can also adjust audio and video settings. Afterwards, just hit record and start your screen capturing session.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

On the other hand, Filmora scrn Screen Recorder Software is a perfect tool for capturing video games, because it enables you to record from two devices simultaneously, set the frame rate value anywhere between 15 and 120 FPS, and quickly edit the footage you captured. Filmora Scrn is best suited for gamers in need of an efficient screen recording software that allows them to polish videos and upload them to the Internet effortlessly.

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