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How to Remove Shake and Stabilize Videos in Corel VideoStudio

Mar 05,2020• Proven solutions

Capturing precious moments in your life on video has never been easier, but capturing steady videos is as difficult as it ever was. Handheld shots will always have some shakes and bounces that spoil the perfect recordings of your favorite songs or your child's birthday party. Luckily, many video editing programs can help you stabilize the shaky parts of video clips.

Corel VideoStudio owners can fix shaky videos in this video editing software, and in this article, we will take you through all the steps you need to take in order to accomplish this.

How to Remove Shake and Stabilize Videos in Corel VideoStudio

Aspiring cameramen and all other consumer level camera users should use tripods or Steadicams while recording if they want to avoid capturing videos with a lot of shakes. However, if your footage still has unwanted shakes, here is how you can remove them in Corel VideoStudio.

Method 1. Remove Shake by Using Anti-Shake Effect

If you are using the Pro X10, you can follow the steps below to remove the shakiness and stabilize your video footage.

Import the footage into the editor: Select the video clips that need to be stabilized and import them into the VideoStudio's 'Media Bin' by clicking on the folder icon and then click 'Open' button once you've highlighted the video files you want to import. Drag the video file or files from the 'Media Bin' onto the editor's video track on the timeline and make sure that all the video clips you want to stabilize are selected.

Apply the Anti-Shake Filter effect: Click the shaky video footage on the timeline, and then go to the FX effects panel. Select the Anti-Shake effect and drag-n-drop it to the video footage.

Corel VideoStudio Anti-Shake

2.Remove Shake by Using Pro DAD Mercali SE Effect

Before proceeding any further you need to make sure that your version of VideoStudio has a Pro DAD Mercali effect, and if it doesn't you can try to download it as a plugin. Currently, proDAD Mercalli SE effect pack is built-in in Ultimate X10 version.

Select the shaky video footage on the timeline and then click on the 'Effects' tab to access the software's effect library and then select the 'Pro DAD' feature from the drop-down menu. The 'Pro DAD' feature offers several different effects, and you need to locate the 'Mercali' filter and drag and drop it on the video clip you previously placed on the timeline.

After you applied the 'Mercali' effect to your clip, the following message will appear in the editor's preview window: 'The video analysis must be executed again'. So in order to perform a new video analysis, you need to click on 'Customize Filter' button that you'll be able to see on the right side of the video editor's screen in the section where the effect options are displayed.

In the next step, you will need to adjust the video stabilization settings and select the camera type you like in the 'Mercali' pop up window and then click 'OK' button to start the analyzing the video clip. Once the stabilization process is over you can preview the achieved results on the editor's preview screen. If you are not happy with the results, click on the 'Customize Filter' button again to re-adjust the video stabilization settings.

A Faster Way to Stabilize Shaky Videos

Corel VideoStudio may be one of the best video editing programs on the market today, but its video stabilization capabilities are limited, to say the least. Furthermore, inexperienced video editors will have a tough time stabilizing their action cam footage, and for that reason, it is perhaps better if they used video editing software such as Wondershare Filmora that enables them to remove shakes from their video clips with ease.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Filmora's 'Action Cam' tool is specifically designed for users who own action cameras such as GoPro or Olfi. Features such as 'Video Stabilization', 'Fisheye Correction', 'Speed Adjustment' or 'Color Correction' enable action cam users to easily fix and correct their action videos with Filmora's 'Action Cam' tool. If you would like to access this standalone feature in Filmora video editing software, click on the 'Action Cam' option when selecting the editing mode for your project. Then proceed to import the footage by clicking on the 'Import an Action Cam Video' feature and click on the 'Fix' icon to start stabilizing your video clips.

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However, if you would like to remove shaky parts from your footage in Filmora's 'Full Feature Mode', you can easily do so. All you need to do in order to start the video stabilization process is to import a video clip into the 'Media Library', right-click on the video file and select the 'Video Stabilization' option from the menu. Once the 'Wondershare's Video Stabilization' window appears on the screen, you only have to designate the part of the video that needs to be analyzed by dragging the slider on the preview screen and click on the 'Analyze Shakes' button. The software will analyze and stabilize your video, and after the analysis is complete you can preview the stabilized video, adjust the 'Smooth Level' or click the 'Save' button to apply the changes you made.

The stabilized video will appear in the editor's 'Media Library' and you can proceed to edit it further if you wish.

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