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How to Cut Audio from Video on iPhone/Mac

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Jan 23, 2024• Proven solutions

Having to cut audio from video is not an impossible task but without the right knowledge, it looks difficult. The first thing anyone diving into video editing needs to know is that it requires good software that works with the device you will be using to cut the audio. After understanding the need for software and securing the right one, it is also expedient to know the acceptable audio format that would go well with your editing duties.

In this article, you will not just be exposed to the software to use on iPhone and Mac. But, you will also have a detailed guide of how you can use that software like a pro in editing videos. If this is what you want, continue reading. 

Section1. How to mute the audio on the video

Section2. Requirements to extract the music of the video and save


Section 1. How to mute the audio on the video.

Part1. Steps to cut the audio from videos on Mac

Part2. Steps to cut the audio from videos on iPhone

Steps to cut the audio from videos on Mac

If you are using a Mac for editing, knowing that Filmora is the best way to go about it is good but knowing how to navigate is key. Not to worry, the steps you need to get started are all listed in these three steps. 

Step 1: Import Video to Filmora

Import the video to your Filmora. You can also directly drag the video into the Filmora interface.

1index introduction

Step 2: Mute the audio 

After dragging the video to the timeline, right-click the stand-alone video, choose "mute".

Step 3: Save your edit 

Click the "export" button on the interface and select the desired video format

export to format mac

Steps to cut the audio from videos on iPhone

If you want to do the mute on an iPhone, you will need to also follow some steps to get it done on your iMovie.  

Step 1: Open the iMovie 

Opening the iMovie app goes beyond just clicking it to open, you also have to follow up this process by clicking the continue button that pops up. If the app has opened and you can see an inviting interface, move to the next step. 

Step 2: Select a video you want 

There are different pages on the interface but your concern is on the project page. On that page, click on the plus sign button as it directs you to start or input a new video. After clicking on the plus sign, it will bring up movies that you would further select. 

 new project on imovie

Don't hesitate to select the movie you want to edit. Complete the process by clicking the "create movie" button beneath the gallery of movies. 

Step 3: Mute the audio 

Muting the audio becomes straightforward when you have moved it to the interface. In this step, click on the video clip button as seen in the picture then mute it by selecting the mute option (the picture below shows the mute sign at the lower-left corner) from the audio button. When this is done, your video has been silenced. 

 mute audio imovie

Don't forget to save it when you are done editing by clicking on the "done button" that is visible at the left corner positioned at the top of the screen.

Section 2. Requirements to extract the music of the video and save

There are some times when you just want to extract the audio leaving out the video. Maybe the song accompanying the video is excellent but the video quality is bad, or maybe the video is not as great as the song. Whatever the reason may be, you can extract the music of your video and save it using. The two best apps to do this are Filmora and MP3 Converter -Audio Extractor. Below are the steps to extract audio using Filmora

Step1. import the video into the Filmora

Another way to import a video is to drag and drop the video into the program. Using any of these two steps allows your video to be listed in the media library

Step 2 Next, right-click the video and choose "Audio Detach." After some time, the video and audio will load as two separate files. 

 mac audio detach1

You can choose to delete the video or keep it. If you want to delete it, simply right-click and choose delete. This will remove the video entirely. 

Step 3. Edit the extracted audio by doubling clicking on it. When you do, the audio editing tools would be displayed. You can adjust the music volume, change voice, and do other edits.  

8audio balance

Step 4. If the audio has some sounds you would like to take out, place your cursor at the exact place you want the deletion to start. Next, press the split button. This step can be used to delete any aspect of the music sound you don't like. 

Step 5. Having extracted, edited, and deleted unnecessary sounds from the music, click the export button. You will be provided with different options to save the audio. Click on the one you prefer. 

 export mp3 on filmora

You can also customize your audio encoder after extracting and saving the music. Simply click Settings to get started. 


As previously stated, editing a video requires choosing the right software that would support a successful editing journey. Although there are many options mac users can select from when looking for video editing software, the one that is highly recommended is the Filmora software. Aside from being an easy to use App, it supports a wide range of audio. Audio formats like  MP3, MPA, WMA, M4V, WAV are all working well with this software which makes it a great choice. 

For iPhone users, a good video editing software that can be used to successfully cut out audio even as a novice is the iMovie. With iMovie software. Video editing is a lot easier and faster with this software. Plus, the software also supports many audio formats which is a good advantage to your editing quest. 

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