TP Cutter: How to Cut TP Files without Quality Degradation

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TP files are often created from recordings by a compatible TV tuner card from TV sources like analog or digital cable, satellite, or antenna. This file format is high in picture quality and renders very large file sizes. You may find that a few minutes of video can arrive to several hundreds of megabytes or even more than 1GB. Upload these movies online may take hours to proceed, and these big TP filse will take too much of your storage space. Thus, it’s a common need to cut them shorter, or compress them smaller. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to cut TP files effortlessly with Wondershare Filmora (For Windows and Mac).

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1 Import TP files

After installing this TP cutter, run it. In the program window, please click "Import" to load your TP videos. All added TP videos will show as thumbnails in the User's Album. After that, drag and drop your TP files directly into the video Timeline.

TP cutting software

2 Cut TP videos

You can use this professional video cutter software to cut any place of your TP video. Just follow below steps.

Cut start/end: first move the red Time Indicator to the place you want to cut, and then hit the Sissor icon to split them into two part. After that, just delete what you don't need.

Cut any position in the middle: Play the video on the right screen, and when it comes to the right point, stop it. Now hit the Sissor icon to split it. Repeat this step again and again until you pick out all unnecessary parts. Finally, remove it by deleting.

Tips: During the process, you can undo or redo it using the tools in the toolbar conveniently.

TP cutter

3 Export the new TP file

Hit Create to open the output window. Here, you can choose to export your cut TP files in all popular formats for convenient playback on your computer and devices. Also, you can share it on YouTube or Facebook, and burn them to DVD for long-time preservation.

Tips: You can further to cut down TP file size by adjust the paremeters like bit rate, frame rate, resolution, etc. To do it, just click "Advanced Settings" to reveal the settings panel.

cut tp files

Check out below video tutorial on how to cut TP files step by step:

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