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How to Cut Video on Mac without using FFmpeg?

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Sep 23, 2021• Proven solutions

Do you know how to trim the video of AVI format? Using FFmpeg to cut video or even trim it seems to be the go-to action for many users who wish to shorten the length of their video. To trim avi, one can either use video editing software or use a utility like FFmpeg. 

Any video editing guru can tell you that both of the above-mentioned methods have their pitfalls but also some benefits. If you are not looking to reduce video size then your pick should be FFmpeg. But if you are looking to trim videos on mac then you would need to look into something like FilmoraX video editor.

Editing a video might seem like child’s play but if you do not know which tool to utilize, you will soon be frustrated. Before you start pulling your hair out, give this article a read, and all your trim avi related questions will be answered. 

To help you decide which one suits you better, FFmpeg will be discussed and video editing software will be talked about too. 

Section1. When to Use FFmpeg & What are the Benefits

Section2. Using Video Editing Software Instead of FFmpeg

Section3. What can help you edit video without going through FFmpeg

Section 1. When to Use FFmpeg & What are the Benefits?

Many people prefer the FFmpeg cut over any video editing software. One reason that it is so popular is that is a free video trimmer. Before listing down the many benefits which will also let you know when you can use FFmpeg, the first benefit that should be highlighted is that the users rave about is the flexibility of the tool. 

1. Open Source Tool

When FFmpeg was first developed, it was not done for professional use. It was developed for people like you and for the digital file formats that you come across. With FFmpeg, you can edit files of formats like analog TV captures, digital TV captures, DVDs, VCDs, video games, and many more. 

You can throw anything at this software and it will be able to handle it. With it, you will be able to handle various resolutions, different frame rates, interlacing, chroma subsampling, and so many other things. 

2. Original Video Size & Quality

With FFmpeg, you never have to worry about reducing the size of the video. Many other editing software will ultimately reduce the size of the file which will directly lower the quality. To export video in such software means to sacrifice the quality of your video. This is never a problem when you use FFmpeg. 

3. Run-on Anything

A very fascinating offer of FFmpeg is that this runs on anything. You heard that right! No matter if you have Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. you will be able to use FFmpeg on it without any hassle. Many users say that it will even run on BeBox, an Amiga 4000, or an SGI Octane with just a little help from the user. 

4. Quick Work

Once you will start working with FFmpeg, you will forget most of the other video editing software. You must have noticed that the other software takes quite a lot of time to do any kind of trimming or cutting of video. On the other hand, FFmpeg takes the minimum time to do your work. 

Section 2. Using Video Editing Software Instead of FFmpeg

Is video editing software the worse for trimming or cutting videos? Not exactly. You should not give up hope on them because there are some remarkable products in the market. 

Exactly what will you encounter if you use video editing software instead of FFmpeg? Try to see what advantages attract you and which disadvantages put you off to get a grasp of your preference in video editing tools. 

Advantages of Using Video Editing Software

Whilst both FFmpeg and video editing software can perform the main editing functions, many of the new video editing software have some amazing and capturing visual effects that can be added to the file. The diversity of these effects can change the whole outlook of the video and this is something that is not found in FFmpeg. 

Video editing software like FilmoraX video editor allows the users to do 4K resolution editing. It is a benefit that automatically makes such video editing software much more attractive than FFmpeg to all users. 

Disadvantages of Using Video Editing Software

A prominent disadvantage that comes to mind is that you cannot perform lossless trimming of videos with most video editing software. 

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Section 3. What can help you edit video without going through FFmpeg

When editing videos with software, you can either go for Clideo or Filmora X but which should you choose?

1.Benefits & Drawbacks of FilmoraX Mac Version

When you begin editing with Filmora X, you will be able to use the motion tracking feature for your videos. You can easily use the preset keyframes to mark your content or you can draw freely to have more control. With this software, you would be able to do color matching across multiple frames at the same time.

One thing that annoys some users about FilmoraX is that they have to update their graphic drivers to run the software. 

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

2.Advantages & Disadvantages of Clideo

The one advantage that can be cited is that any amateur can use Clideo to use simple editing functions like cropping, compiling images and videos together, rotating, and compressing the file.

The biggest and most significant shortcoming of this software is that it is too simple; there are not many features you can play around with.



FFmpeg is certainly enticing to many people but you should only delve into it if you are ready to apply some complicated codes and functions just to edit your videos. But with video editing software like Filmora X, you can easily edit your videos with numerous functions. It is the reason why users are all moving towards this software and calling it the best one in the market.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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