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Figure Skating Highlights 2022

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 14, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Winter Olympics is synonymous with Figure Skating as it is the oldest sports event in the Winter Olympics. Figure Skating has been prominently featuring since the first Winter Olympics held at Chamonix, France in 1924.No wonders why everyone around the world is closely following figure skating competition at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. There are as many as five figure skating competitions held this year. They are men's single, women's single, mixed, team, and ice dancing. Check out the brief figure skating highlights right here.

Nathan Chen of the United States won the gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Yuma Kagiyama of Japan won the silver medal while the bronze medal went to Shoma Uno in Men's singles figure skating competition. On the other hand, the gold medal of the team event went to ROC while the silver medal went to United Stated and the bronze medal went to Japan. Here are all the figure skating highlights 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. We will also illustrate how to create the highlights of figure skating in a video in simple steps.

Part 1. Highlights of Figure Skating Olympics Games Beijing2022

In Olympic competition, skaters need to perform two minutes and 40 seconds short program and four minutes free skate and the winner is decided based on combined score.

Nathan Chen got the combined score of 332.60 in short program and free skate competitions to win the 2022 Olympic men's figure skating title.

nathan chen skating

Nathan Chen of the United States reacts to winning the gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. He successfully hit five quadruple jumps which helped him outshine others.

nathan chen skating gold medal

Yuma Kagiyama of Japan reacts to become second to Nathan Chen of the United States. He receives a combined score of 310.05 points and wins the silver medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

yuma kagiyama

Shoma Uno of Japan won the bronze medal with a combined score of 293 points and he has become the second Japanese to win a medal at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

shoma uno

Nathan Chen successful triumph has been four years in the making and it is a perfect combination of seven perfect skating minutes. Back at 2018 Olympics, he botched and ended with disappointment. Therefore, Olympics Games Beijing2022 has been redemption for America's best male skater.

nathan chen best male skater

Even though Nathan Chen finished first for men's short program of the team event, United States could not hold to the first position and losing to ROC.

russian olympic committee athletes

Russian Olympic Committee athletes won the gold medal at team event by a margin of 9 points with the combined score of 74. United States won the silver medal with a combined score of 65 points.

japan won the bronze medal

Japan won the bronze medal with 63 points falling short by 2 points 2 behind the United States. The figure skating competition is held at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing.

Part 2. Create a Video for Showing the Highlights of Figure Skating

In today's world, people prefer checking out highlights of sports events when they cannot watch the whole event due to time constraints and work commitments. They prefer a video package containing the highlights of the sports event, and hence, you can get a lot of traction if you make figure skating highlights 2022 Winter Olympics Beijing. To make a video showing the highlights of figure skating, you need a professional video editing software. This is because you need certain video effects that are commonly used in highlight videos.

For example, you need pan and zoom effects to highlight still footage from the sports event and focus on the main athlete in the still photo slowly. Similarly, if you have a video footage of the sports event, you need to apply slow motion effect to make it more intriguing and engaging. Besides, the transition effects, motion tracking effects, background music, voice over, and text and title effects are necessary for a professional-quality highlight video of a sports event.

We recommend Wondershare Filmora as a complete video editor that comes with all the tools and features for making the perfect highlights of any sports event such as figure skating highlights of Winter Olympics 2022. In fact, there are over 800 effects and options available in Filmora. Here are the steps to how to create a video containing the highlights of figure skating.

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Step 1: Download and install Filmora. Launch Filmora and click on New Project.

filmora screen recorder

Step 2: Go to File > Project Settings and set the parameters as per your requirements.

Step 3: Go to Import > Import with Instant Cutter Tool. It is time to import all the still photos and video footage clips you have collected about figure skating Olympics. You can trim them and maintain uniformity throughout.

filmora edit videos

Step 4: You need to add all imported media files to Video Timeline while you should add background music or voiceover to the Audio Timeline.

Step 5: Select individual or multiple slides and add Transitions, Effects, Titles and Elements.

Step 6: When everything is done, click on Export to save the video and share anywhere you want.


Figure skating is undoubtedly one of the most followed sport events in the Winter Olympics. Naturally, there is a huge demand for figure skating highlights across the Winter Olympics fans and followers. We have provided figure skating highlights 2022 and we have illustrated the steps to create a highlight video of figure skating easily.

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