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10 Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone 7/7 Plus

iPhones have grown up like legends in the market as they are capable enough to complete intensive tasks with quality performance. When iPhone 7 was already hitting the mobile market hard with its impressive features, Apple launched iPhone 7 Plus with breathtaking feature addition. Both these devices can capture high quality 4K videos and stills, but in case if you are looking for some impressive editors to make these videos customized then you must follow the list below. Here we have included details about some of the best video editors that are compatible with iPhone 7/7 plus:

Top 10 Best Free video editing apps for iPhone 7/7 Plus:

1. FilmoraGO for iOS:

This is a powerful and feature rich video editing application for your 4k videos. The best thing to know about FilmoraGo is that it never posses restriction on the basis of time for video editing. You will not even find any watermark on edited videos and they can be easily shared over popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many more.

    Key Features

  • Simple 3 step editing process: select, create and share.
  • One click customization tools.
  • All in one creative video editor.
  • High quality professional editing tools with audio mixer, voice over, rotate, crop and motion editing capabilities.

    Benefits of using FilmoraGO for iOS:

  • It has facility to auto save your projects on real time basis so that no data is lost from your creativity.
  • The albums can be pretty optimized with trim options available before importing.
  • It allows users to add amazing effects to videos at output.

2. iMovie:

iMovie is included in Apple’s product suit and it offers great editing facilities for Mac OS and iOS users. It allows users to easily import their projects on intuitive timeline and all transitions, special effects and themes can be added with ease.

Key Features

  • Wide range of filters, transitions and themes for easy customization.
  • Hollywood style editor with stunning graphics and animations.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make editing task much easier.
  • 3D-touch tools.

3. Splice Video Editor by GoPro:

GoPro is well known for its impressive camera models, but its photo/video editing software has also gained popularity in the market now. Splice can help users with classic video editing services with its user friendly application. One can easily create high quality movies within minutes and they can be easily shared online.

Key Features

  • Advanced editing tools like text effects and cropping.
  • Highlight important parts in videos.
  • Automatic clipping option as per marked highlights.
  • Fast sharing abilities over Facebook and YouTube etc.

4. Cameo

Cameo works perfectly over iPhone devices and it is well rated for its basic editing abilities. This editor application is more suitable to beginners due to its clean and intuitive interface that makes editing task easier even if you try it for the best time.

Key Features

  • Can easily import movies from camera rolls.
  • Fast trim, music editing.
  • Advanced collection of themes.
  • It supports video exporting up to 4K, 1080p and 720p resolution level.
  • You can get Cameo free with all incredible features from App store.

5. Magisto

This app is well known for its simplicity. It offers quite basic features for video editing so you should not expect facilities like tilt shifts or text overlay management etc. However, its simplicity makes it most suitable for beginners.

Key Features

  • Easy import options.
  • Theme selection feature added.
  • Users can mix audio over videos using Magisto.
  • You can also add titles over videos.

6. Clips

This app was launched with so many fun oriented video editing tools. You can design interesting clips instantly using Clips and it delivers best stories with a collection of music, emojis, graphics and animated text.

Key features

  • Offers impressive editing control options.
  • Users love its advanced voice transcribing feature for auto captioning.
  • Easy uploads to Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

7.Video Crop

This simple editing app is able to do only one task and that is to crop videos. If you have lengthy videos and want to get a small portion out of them then Video Crop can help you better.

Key Features

  • It works smoothly and quickly.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Easy cropping area selection.
  • Users can easily make selection for free and fixed crop ratio.
  • This app also allows users to make custom selections for crop regions.

8. Cute CUT

Cute Cut makes it possible to draw new interesting movies with powerful content that can deliver all stories with crystal clear details. This platform is well known for its high quality audio-video support that updates impressive video results.

Key Features

  • Designed with user friendly interface.
  • 30 plus advanced drawing tools that allow easy drawing even on clips itself.
  • Highly customizable and well defined transitions.
  • Fast import and export facilities.
  • It possesses three advanced professional level editing effects: gradients editable, radial gradient and linear gradient.

9.Adobe Premiere Clip

Premiere Clip is capable enough to develop high quality videos within very less time and if you need additional polish on your content, then also advanced editing tools of premiere pro can make huge difference.

Key Features

  • It offers fast as well as simple editing tools.
  • Smart volume adjustments options along with stock soundtracks.
  • Resulting videos can be easily shared on social media sites.
  • Impressive workflow with creative design assets.
  • You will be able to get 2GB free online storage space with Adobe Premiere whereas it can be extended ahead with in app purchases.

10. Stop Motion Studio

This application has so many things to offer you with quality interface and unique editing tools. If you are creative enough and want to make impressive videos for social media sharing then Stop Motion Studio can create wonders for you.

Key Features

  • Overlay mode provides great control over frames.
  • Easy to sue cut, paste, delete and copy features added for frames.
  • Videos can be easily faded out to get a professional appearance on screen.
  • Adjustable time interval choices.
ByLiza Brown | Nov 24,2017 16:01 pm