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How to Find Funny GIFs on Mac

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

Graphics Interchange Format, most commonly known as GIFs, are animated pictures that are widely used on the internet to convey a message in a funny or satirical manner. Funny GIFs are now also included in most instant messaging and social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more which allows users to chat in a more engaging and interactive way.

That being said, finding funny GIFs that haven't been used a billion times already can be quite a challenge. For a GIF to work, you need to ensure that it's not been overused and is relevant to the situation. That's why we have identified 10 best resources you can use to find high-quality funny GIFs on your iPhone or Mac.

Where Can I Find Funny GIFs?

There are many apps and websites on the iPhone as well as macOS that you can use to find funny GIFs that fit the occasion. Some of the most popular GIF resources are listed below:

    GIPHY - This is the most popular and free website and app on iPhone that you can use to upload, create, and find funniest GIFs. If you are searching for the latest meme GIFs, then GIPHY is the best resource you can rely on.


    Pinterest - Another free resource that allows you to find some of the funniest GIFs available online. Pinterest is not only free to use, it also has a dedicated app available for iOS users who want to find funny GIFs and visuals.   


    Reddit - Whether you are looking for funny GIFs to send to your girlfriend or to your parents, Reddit has a thread for every category. It is a free resource and you can find all types of GIFs you want.


    Reaction GIFs - If you are looking for funny GIFs that capture your reaction right in the moment, then Reaction GIFs is a great resource. From being tired and confused to happy and proud, you can find any reaction you want.

reaction gifs 

    GIFbin - One more GIF resource that you should keep in your mind is GIFbin. You can search your GIFs on the basis of most viewed, newest, and top-rated to find exactly what you are looking for.


    Analogy GIFs - If you want to be more figurative than literal, then the analogy GIF subreddit is the place to be. When you want to share a GIF that captures 'How I Feel When' spirit, then this is an ideal resource. 

analogy gifs

    GIF Keyboard by Tenor - For those who can't live without sharing GIFs, GIF Keyboard by Tenor is the perfect companion. It is a free GIF keyboard that will add more flair to your conversations. The app has 50 million+ downloads!

gif keyboard

    Awesome GIFs - For best animal GIFs such as cute puppies and yoga cats, Awesome GIFs will get the job done for you. It is a free website and new GIFs are updated almost on a daily basis. 

awesome gifs

    GIFs From Last Night - If there is a TV moment that you want to share in the form of a GIF, GIFs from Last Night is an amazing resource. You can find the best of movie, news, and TV GIFs on this platform. 

gifs from last night

    Buzzfeed - Although technically not a GIF website or app, Buzzfeed includes GIFs in almost every article they share. You can find GIFs on the basis of context and article headings from a database of thousands of articles.


How to Make Funny GIFs on Mac

If you want to make your own GIFs on iPhone or Mac, the best and the most user-friendly software available to you is Filmora X. You can use the editing software to create funny GIFs that would allow you to have interactive and engaging conversations. Here is how you can make your funny GIFs:

    Step 1 - Import your editable video into Filmora X. You can do so by clicking on the 'import' button present on the main interface.

import media files

    Step 2 - Now drag your video to the timeline present below and drop it there. This is the place where you can see multiple editing tools. You also have the option to take a snapshot or extract any frame you want from the video. These images are saved in the library which you can stitch together to create your GIF.


    Step 3 - Now you can use any of the Filmora X options to edit the video including split, rotate, crop, speed up, and combine. You can also slow down the video to give it a more pleasing and dramatic effect.

quick trim start end

    Step 4 - If you want to add textual information or other elements to your GIF, you can do so using the Titles, Transition, and Elements features. It will help you add the desired effect.


    Step 5 - Once you have gone through all of the above steps, you can now export your .gif file to social media or your own device storage. Click on the 'Export' button and set your preferences accordingly.



Pictures say a thousand words and funny GIFs are the modern pictures. They can convey your emotion in a much more subtle and appealing manner adding a lot of flair to your conversations with friends and family. There are many resources including websites and apps where you can find relevant GIFs for iPhone as well as Mac. Apart from that, if you want to make your own funny GIFs, you also have the option to use Filmora X which enables you to create GIFs from existing videos in a few simple steps.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Filmora X brings a wide range of features that you can rely on including support for a wide variety of video formats. You can split, cut, rotate, and add transitions, text, and elements to complete the GIF.

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