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Capture Your Action The Best Way With Gopro 4K Action Cameras

Action sports are becoming popular with time and when you are in a holiday, you always want to be engaged in lots of activities. But what if you want to make those activities memorable by capturing them in frame? A point and shoot camera or even a DSLR would not serve your purpose since managing these cameras will be a bit hazardous. You can certainly go for small point and shoot cameras but there you will have to compromise with the picture quality. Is there any alternative that can fulfill all your needs? Yes, there is an alternative and that is GoPro 4K camera.

Within a small time, GoPro cameras have earned enough recognition from all. It is liked by adventure freaks across the world. The camera is very small in size and can be worn around the chest or you can place it over your helmet. This will help you capture the photos easily. And the picture resolution is very high. It can capture 4K video with 30 frames per second. Imagine you are trying sky diving or bungee jumping, you can easily place the camera in your body and can capture the best shots like never before. You need not to worry about the picture quality.

Here we will be talking about a few advantages that are creating all the buzzes about GoPro action camera.

1.Portable and easy mounting:

GoPro cameras are very portable and the best part is these cameras can be mounted in almost everywhere you can imagine. And you can capture videos from some rare angles that is not at all possible while using your point and shoot camera or mobile camera. You can actually capture live picture which is something that cannot do with your regular camera. This doesn’t mean that this can be used only by the adventurists. People can use this camera everywhere; while riding a bike, visiting an amusement park etc.

2. High frame rates:

It is known to everyone that the video we see is basically continuous images. Normally the videos that we watch are made of 30 images per second mostly. Now if you use semi professional DSLRs or smart phones, you can enjoy a frame rate of up to 60fps with a image resolution of 1080p. If you are using high-end smart-phones or cameras, you can enjoy more frames per second. But what if you want to slow down your video? This is where the GoPro cameras come in action. These cameras can capture images at a frame rate of 100fps with a resolution of 920p or 720p. Now, with this kind of frame rate, you can enjoy real slow-mo videos.

3. High resolution:

It is now known that 4K is the latest trend in the video quality. Users are eager to enjoy 4K videos in almost all kinds of devices like computer, tablet, smart phone, TV etc. While your regular cameras or DSLR cameras cannot capture 4K videos, you can do the same with your GoPro 4K camera. And you also receive the best picture quality.

4. Smart user interface:

The user interface of GoPro cameras is relatively simple and very easy to operate. There is only one power on/off button. In some action cameras, there is no playback button. There is no option of zooming, shutter speed setting etc. But there is built-in wi-fi in the action cameras. This enables you to share images and videos instantly without any hassle. And it can be connected to smart phone or tablets wirelessly. Isn’t that a good option?

5. Amazing battery back up:

The battery backup of GoPro 4K cameras is awesome. In normal occasions, a DSLR camera can capture 1080p/30fps video recording for one hour at the max. But when you use an action camera, you can continue the video for more than three hours.

So, now you know some of the most sought after features of GoPro cameras. This can be your best-friend while you are in motion. There is no better alternative than these cameras to capture your motion. While comparing the cost, you may have to shell out a bit more than the regular cameras but the result that you receive is worth spending your money.

If you need a software to convert your GoPro 4K video, try this GoPro 4K video converter, this software can save your time and make everything easy and fast.

Nov 27,2017 13:52 pm
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