Top 7 iPhone 7/7 Plus new features you should know

By Mar 09,2017 22:07 pm

Apple users all over the globe are eagerly looking forward to the launch of the all new model by iPhone. Though the iPhone 6 plus was released just a few months back, people are already discussing the possible release date and features of the upcoming iPhone model. With the coming of September 7th we are getting even closer to the grand launch of the iPhone 7 which is expected to bring in loads of new features. While the features of this phone will be officially revealed on the 7th of September, the model is expected to hit the shelves on the 16th of September.

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7 iPhone 7/7 Plus new features

With the leaking of new images of the iPhone 7, lots of rumours about the features of this model are already doing the rounds. Let us now take a quick at some of the cool features of the latest iPhone model which we can expect to see.

1. Design

iphone 7/7 plus design


The iPhone7 is expected to be slightly thinner than the 6S (between 6mm- 6.5mm). It is rumoured that this model will do away with the headphone jack and replace it with a lightning connector at the bottom of the phone. According to certain sources the iPhone7 will come with a much better water resistant frame with a pressure sensitive button which would strengthen the water resisting power of this model. It is suggested that the physical home button would be replaced by a pressure sensitive home button which would function just like the force touch trackpad in the MacBooks. A Japanese website has suggested that Apple will be introducing a new colour –Space Gray which would be a few shades darker than the Space Gray used in the 6S. Apple is supposedly planning to ship a set of lightning equipped earphones with the iPhone7 plus a new set of wireless Bluetooth earpods will also be available for sale as a premium accessory. In one of the leaked images we get to see a Smart Connector on the back of the phone. This Smart Connector (present in iPad Pro) would allow the user to connect their phone with smart keyboards and other accessories.

2. Camera

iphone 7 camera


The purchase of LinX Imaging by Apple is expected to greatly improve the image quality taking it much closer to those taken with DSLR cameras. The LinX Dual Technology would come with a number of enhancements in the iPhone7 Plus cameras. According to certain sources the 203X optical zoom feature might be implemented by using 2 lenses of different focal lengths. The captured images are going to be much more clear, bright, closer to the true colour with less noise. Even in minimal light conditions this camera will be able to capture all the details. The dual cameras of the 7 Plus will be making use of 2 sensors which would capture 2 different images with different colour pattern and then merge them together to create one compelling image. This would result in brighter, more detailed photos with a much better zoom functionality. The Iphone7 cameras on the other hand will come with a optical image stabilization feature for bright and crisp images.

3. Battery

iphone 7/7 plus wireless charging

image source:

Since the lightning port will be used for playing music there isn’t going to be any way of charging the phone with the headphones on. This is why there are rumours about wireless charging capabilities being explored by Apple which would might be included in the upcoming model. However some sources suggest that the wireless charging feature might be pushed back to the 2017 iPhone models. The battery life is expected to be similar to that of the iPhone6s. The battery might be having a capacity of 7.04 watt-hours or 1,960 mAh making it about 14% larger than that of the iPhone 6S battery. Moreover the A10 processor and the updated software might result in an even greater battery life.

4. Screen and Resolution

Apple is supposedly working on AMOLED displays for their upcoming models though this technology is probably not ready for the iPhone7. The iPhone7 will be using the TFT-LCD display of the previous model. Some sources suggest that the display improvements are going to be like that of the 9.7inch iPad Pro. These enhancements will come with DCI-P3 wide colour gamut for more vivid colours and anti reflection coating for enhanced performance in low light. Mac Otakara a Japanese website suggests that the iPhone7 will come with 2 new sensors in the front which might have something to do with True Tone display capability.

5. Home Button

iphone 7/7 plus sensitive home button

image source:

According to one report by Bloomberg the iPhone7 and 7plus will come with a flush pressure sensitive home button which would replace the physical switch of the previous models. This pressure sensitive button is very similar to the trackpads of the MacBook Pros. Instead of a physical click the user will be getting the feedbacks through a vibrating haptic sensation.

6. RAM and Storage Space

It has been rumoured that the iPhone7 and the iPhone7 Plus will not be having the same amount of RAM. While the iPhone7 will come with 2GB RAM, the iPhone7 Plus would come with an additional one GB. The 3GB RAM of the iPhone 7 Plus would help to work on the intensive image processing demands of the special dual dens cameras.

The 16 GB storage tier of the previous iPhone models is going to be replaced with a 32 GB storage tier. The iPhone7 Plus would come in capacities of 32 GB, 128GB and 256 GB capacities while at least one model of the iPhone 7 will include a 256 storage option.

7. Processors

iphone 7/7 plus A10 processor

image source:

The iPhone7 and 7plus are expected to come with the next-gen A10 processors which have been manufactured by TSMC. The A10 processor combined with the software improvements would result in a prolonged battery life.


If you are an Apple fan who likes to be up to date with the latest model of iPhones then you shouldn’t think twice before buying the iPhone 7. Instagram aficionados and professional photographers should surely go for the iPhone7 plus which comes with a real cool camera which would give you images almost similar to that of a DSLR camera.

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