iPhone 7 Plus Dual-Lens Camera Review

By Mar 09,2017 22:11 pm

Apple has recently released its newest handset in its smartphone series, the iPhone 7. Sure, the new iPhone looks relatively the same as its predecessors, the iPhone 6 series, but the new iPhone has lots you do not know about, apart from the ‘no headphone jack’ craze that has headlined the release of the iPhone 7.

Apple’s iPhone 7 has a new and improved home ‘button’ that actually does not feel like a button at all. Its design is sleeker and includes a new color option such as ‘Jet Black.’ Its battery capacity is also bigger and longer-lasting. The display is also to-die-for, and the cherry on top of all this fabulousness is the new, game-changing, dual lens cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Camera review

Apple achieved this feat of having two cameras’s since it did away with the headphone jack. This allowed the tech giant to fit in the new camera system as well as a bigger, non-removable battery. So the jack, in a sense, was sacrificed so that the iPhone 7 would get two magnificent lenses.

The front camera has also been enhanced in both the iPhones. It now boasts a 7 Megapixel front camera that is great for selfies and video chatting. The flash feature Apple adopted from Snapchat is also neat, but we’re not here to talk about the front camera, but the dual-lens camera iPhone 7 Plus.

Camera Capabilities:

1. Zoom

The new iPhone 7 Plus has two types of lenses like we have already mentioned a 27mm lens and a 56mm lens. This basically means that you get a 2X optical zoom camera. This means that you have more control on the quality of the pictures and videos you take. You can either choose 1X or 2X option, with a 1X-10X zoom. The image gets blurry and grainy once you go past 4X but it is still a cool feature on the new iPhone.

Zooming in close-up photos is still pathetic, but Apple says that it’s zooming, compared to other similar smartphones, is far off better, but let’s just admits, zooming on pictures spoils the quality. However, distance shots with zooming are relatively cleaner and less blurry as compared to other smartphones.

2. Lens

In low light conditions, the 1X is as good as it can get. Most of ordinary camera users use the 1X most of the time, so the new iPhone 7 Plus guarantees splendid picture quality even in low lit environments.

The lenses are relatively fast. An f/1.8 28mm wide-angle lens that is present in the iPhone 7 and an f/2.8mm telephoto lens. The beauty about these lenses is that they work together at the same time. Switching from one lens to another is as simple as tapping a button.

Apple, however, did not include the ‘Bokeh Effect’ on the new iPhone 7. This simply means that you will not be able to blur the background while focusing on the foreground, similarly to the way DSLR cameras work.

Apple, however, is working on an update that will allow user to add this neat feature to their pictures, but still, why ship phones without this feature in the first place?

3. Stabilization

You are probably thinking, a fast lens means that there is reduced image stabilization; however, this is not the case. The OIS ensures that minute movements are not recorded on the picture. This means the images are sharper and crisp.

The OIS is a notable feature that iPhone introduced to both the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, unlike the previous series, where only the iPhone 6 Plus had this feature in its camera.

4. ISP

The new iPhone also has an improved ISP, Image Signal Processor, which essentially is the camera’s brain. The ISP improves the picture quality under different environments, but it is difficult to tell the difference between pictures taken by the new iPhone. A small difference, however, can be noted from a picture taken using an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 7.

In a nutshell, the Dual-Lens Camera is amazing, but it is not a ‘homerun’ yet. Apple’s competitors such as HTC, who were first to launch their dual camera handset, LG and Huawei also have amazing phones that will give Apple a run for their money.

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