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Best Tips to Make a Makeup Video
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10 Tips and Tricks to Make a Makeup Video(#6 Will Surprise You)

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

The popularity of makeup videos has grown ten folds in recent times. Increasing from "only" 55 billion views in 2016, there were approximately 88 billion views on YouTube on beauty videos in 2017. This is the magic of makeup tutorials. And with increasing virtualization, video tutorials on makeup have been a massive hit.

However, there is a large majority who is still unaware of the craft of making these videos. Therefore, we will uncover the 10 Tips and Tricks To Make A Makeup Video in today's article for our loyal readers. Look out for the number 6 on the list, as it'll amaze you!

10 Tips to Make a Makeup Video like a Pro

The following tips and tricks are some of the best to have up your sleeve for making a makeup video today:

1. Set up a home studio

For shooting any video, you always have to set up a studio first. So, to create a makeup video, the first step would be setting up a home studio. Your studio doesn't necessarily have to be an entire room; you can set it all up in any corner of your room.

The next thing for setting up a studio is selecting a background. You can go with a glittery background for the holiday season and something delicate for summer. Always try to be creative while choosing it.

2. Prepare camera equipment

The most crucial aspect while filming makeup tutorials is to prepare your camera equipment. The best camera for capturing detailed makeup would be a high-quality DSLR. However, you can always use phone cameras, i.e., iPhone cameras, to make tutorials, but they won't capture many details.

How to choose the camera equipment?

  • You first need to purchase a tripod if you don't have one. Go for a high-quality tall tripod that can stand several feet and bear your camera's weight.
  • A Vari-Angle DSLR camera is the one you should go for because it has a folding screen that quickly faces you.
  • Use an iPhone camera. It will do the job for you in an instant!


3. Make an outline

You can't always do your work perfectly without missing out on an essential aspect on the first attempt. Moreover, it would be more time-consuming to re-record the whole video to cover that particular idea. So you can always outline all the ideas you intend to cover in your tutorials.

Make a transcript of everything you intend to do in the video. Even if you're planning to do voiceovers, you can write the script beforehand. In this way, you can stay on track and will not forget anything while making a tutorial.


4. Get ready with your makeups

If you don't want to get interrupted, then prepare your makeup before starting the tutorials. The first thing for preparing the makeup should be cleaning the brushes. Dirty brushes can cause infection as well as ruin the makeup by tainting the colors. So using dirty brushes won't be of any help.

You might be searching for a good brush cleaner, don't worry, we got you covered. Sephora brush cleaners offer the best brush cleaners. It soaks the bristles perfectly and dries very quickly.


5. Best shooting angle and lighting

To make a perfect makeup tutorial, your lighting should be arranged in a way that captures the beauty and your face as well. The best way to arrange the lighting is to follow three-pointed lightings. It forms a triangle of lighting, and then your shooting angle should be in a way that captures you in the middle.

It would be best to use Aputure Amaran LED light behind you to make the lighting more prominent. Once you're done with the lighting and find the perfect shooting angle, you'll instantly observe a significant difference in the appearance.


6. Choosing Video Editing Software

Selecting the right video editing software can save you a ton of time and make your life easy with a user-friendly interface and straightforward editing techniques. We opted for Wondershare Filmora because it's an all-rounder video editing program that allows you to create various makeup tutorials with no limitations. This delightfully innate software features a wide range of editing tools, making it easier to cut, trim, and split the videos according to your preference.

You can use color tuning tools to create that flawless and beautiful look. Filmora also offers other stylized effects for makeup such as filters, beautify effects, animation keyframing, and blending numerous layers of effects and audio recorder for editing videos quickly and easily.


Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

7. Video Test

Once you have finalized everything, do a test video before beginning the makeup video. Imagine recording the entire video to find out that your audio was out of tune or that your camera was not appropriately placed.

The test video may require several attempts before delivering your desired result. To avoid any mishaps, you can also record the video and audio separately and merge them while editing without altering your video.


8. Start Shooting and Recording

While you were recording, keep in mind your target audience and make sure that you are clear about what you are doing. You may want to explain everything step by step to allow your audience to see precisely how to makeup techniques are carried out. Make sure to position yourself under proper lighting, and the camera is on you.

While showing tricky makeup techniques, make sure that you have a camera with an autofocus feature to make your movements apparent. Once you are done shooting, upload the File to your computer and save it for editing later.

9. Edit makeup video

After you are done shooting, you can now edit the makeup video with Wondershare Filmora by following these steps:

Step 1: Import video

To edit an image, click File > Import Media. Choose which media file to import. Another way to import media is by dragging and dropping the media to the Filmora timeline.


Step 2: Cut, Trim, and Split the video

To alter the video, you must add them to the timeline. The Filmora software allows you to trim and split the same video several times to remove the unwanted part and save the trimmed videos back to the timeline.

You can click on the Trim start to playhead or trim end to playhead to keep your desired part. 


Step 3: Color grade video

Filmora offers hundreds of filters and layers to make the colors in the video look vivid. The effects icon features advanced color collection tools that allow you to fine-tune the colors in your video and enhance the visual appearance of your beauty video.

Go to the tools tab and select the "Color Correction" from the drop-down menu.


Step 4: Add a title in text

After visually editing your video, click on the Text tab to open the text & title presets. More than 200 text effects are present in Filmora; you can choose from the various available on the timeline.

The text preset also allows you to adjust the text duration and extend it to fit the length of the video based on your needs. You can also edit and customize your text through the advance text edit panel.

Click on "Titles" from the above pane to select the desired text format.


Step 5: Add filters, overlays, and transitions

After removing all the unwanted parts of the video, you can use the transition icon to insert dynamic transitions between the clips and add visual effects based according to your need.

Select the "Transitions" option from the above pane to apply your favorite transition.


Step 6: Export video

When you're sure there's nothing you want to change in your project, click the Export button. You can also share the video directly to a social media platform.


10. Call to Action

You can use a call-to-action statement to end your makeup video, and it can be a link to your YouTube channel, or your website, or some other contact details. It lets the viewer know they can follow the link to get more information. A call to action will enhance the user's engagement towards your content.


It's Easy To Make A Makup Video Now!

The top 10 tips and tricks to make a makeup video we've covered in this article have been a success for users. They are highly effective since viewers can experience everything while making their videos now!

Although makeup tutorials require a lot of effort and attention to detail, the finished product is worth it since people learn from other's knowledge. All you need is proper recording equipment, and you can make tutorials videos like a professional. To enhance the user's engagement towards your content, you can devise further tactics such as adding a call to action, upgrading the video quality, having a perfect light setup, and more.

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