Why You Should Make an Intro Video for Your Online Courses

By Apr 24,2017 14:06 pm

An intro video is an excellent way to show your potential students your teaching styles. It has been proven that teachers with intro videos for their online courses usually get more session requests from potential students compared to those who never bothered to include intro videos.

This is because an intro video acts as a sneak peek into the kind of experience they are likely to get when taking the online courses from those teachers. This is why it is of utmost importance for every online tutor to have high quality intro video uploaded to their teacher profiles so that they can attract the attention of many potential students.

But before you can have an intro video on your profile, it must first be made and uploaded either to Vimeo or YouTube or any other free video sharing website. For you to have a decent introduction video, you have to be prepared to spend some time and effort, though this sounds discouraging, it will be entirely worth it, especially when you start getting more session requests that you can handle.

To begin with, you must have a script of what you want to say then rehearse your intro video thoroughly before you show your face on the camera. In this manner, your introduction video will appear more professional and will have higher chances of attracting the attention of lots of potential students, compared to intro video that was never scripted and never rehearsed.

How to record an intro video for your online courses

If you want the perfect introduction video which will force the potential students to click on your profile and enroll for your online courses, here are some of the killer methods you can consider-:

1. Imitations isn’t that bad at all

The first step towards creating a killer intro video for your online courses is to watch a few videos whose tutors have large followings. Teachers with lots of students might be offering great content, but again, they must have attracted a good number of the students through well scripted and well executed intro videos.

2. Know the requirements for all intro video

An intro video should meet the following basic requirements-:

  • You must appear in the video – don’t make audio intro videos. Potential students are interested in knowing who their teacher is hence you must strive to represent yourself truthfully to your potential students.
  • You must appear in the video – don’t make audio intro videos. Potential students are interested in knowing who their teacher is hence you must strive to represent yourself truthfully to your potential students.
  • Personal contact information should not be provided as this might jeopardize your privacy on the internet.
  • Avoid promoting other products or services in the intro. Only talk about your course without appearing to be selling anything.
  • Always shoot the videos in landscape. Avoid portrait, especially when using your phone.

3. Know what to say in the intro video

An intro video should be short and straight to the point. You should thus know what to say and stick to it when you get to the front of the camera. This is why it is imperative to have a script and rehearse the script before shooting. In the script, you should address the following-:

  • Who you are and what your lesions are like
  • The kind of personality you have. You can smile to make the potential students feel welcome to your classes and also say something interesting about yourself.
  • Remember to keep the video short, speak the language you are most fluent in and think about the students when speaking into the camera.
  • 4. Record the video and upload to your computer

    While recording the video, ensure that there is adequate light and your sound is well captured. By this time, you should have rehearsed the script hence you are not expected to read from it directly while shooting. Remember to speak clearly and keep the video short, but of reasonable length to give all the details you wanted to pass across.

    5. Edit and upload the video

    You are likely to shoot the video more than once and you may need to edit it before finally uploading. Perhaps there are certain scenes you want to cut or incorporate or maybe you want to add some background music to the intro video. For this purpose, you will need to have Wondershare Filmora. This is a video editing tool with the following features-:

    • It is easy to use and saves time when editing videos
    • Allows you to trim, crop, split, cut and combine with just a few clicks
    • Has royalty free music you can use on the background
    • Allows you to save the video in different video formats
    • Has built-in audio tools
    • You can burn the edited video into a CD or upload directly to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

    6. Upload your intro video

    After you are done with the editing and you are happy with the final product, you can now upload the intro video to YouTube and share the link on your profile.


    The importance of having an intro video cannot be overlooked by any serious teacher who wants to get lots of online students to enroll for their courses. Creating the perfect intro may be a bit of a challenge, but with the tips and methods outlined here, it should be a breeze for anyone interested in making a killer intro that will capture the hearts and souls of their potential students in an instant.

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