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How to make happy birthday Gif on Mac

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Mar 31, 2022• Proven solutions

Gifs have recently taken a big hype leap since the discovery of memes. Gifs were introduced to save file size on an image in 1987. That is no longer the case now. They can be used to create small advertisements, entertainment slideshows as well as sending a birthday or anniversary greeting to someone. 

Gifs are easy to make on video editing software like Filmora X, Adobe Final Cut X Pro, and a few apps like Gif Brewery for Mac. Gif Brewery is specifically made for Apple products.

advanced video cutter

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Section 2. Steps to text a Happy Birthday Gif on Filmora X

Filmora X is fast and comes with ease of use. A simple happy birthday Gif can be created using the following steps:

    Open your Filmora X client.

index introduction

    Go to File > Import Media > Import Media Files and upload the image you want for your background.


    The next step is to select the text and animation style for your gif which you will find in the Titles menu on the top right of the application window.

mac add title effects opener

    Select one of the 150 options you are given for your foreground title and double-click. Filmora will download the file for you

    Once it is downloaded, drag down the title on the timeline above the background.

    In the next step, select your text from the preview window and edit it to whatever you want to write. In this case, a “Happy Birthday” greeting. You have several text style options to choose from.

select title for animation on filmora

    After you are done writing and editing your text, press the Play icon in the preview box and check if it is up to your standards.

    To finish your work, click the Export option that is situated in the top-middle of the app window.

    After the Export opens, select Gif as the preferred file from the left side of the window and click on the Export option in the new window.

saving file in gif format in filmora

After you have clicked the Export icon on the new window, Filmora X will start to take its time with rendering the effect. The time will depend upon your processing speed and the size of the file. Be sure to let it complete or you would not be able to open your file.

Your Gif is ready to be sent to your loved one now.

Section 2. Steps to make a happy birthday GIF with Song/music

Sending your loved one a Happy Birthday Gif on their birthday might feel special but that is not all you can do with your Filmora X app. You can add several effects and also music to your Gif to make it more exciting. Although after you add music, your gif cannot be saved in .gif format. Instead, use a video format like mp4 or avi.

To learn how to do that, you just have to follow these steps:

    Open your go-to File > Import Media > Import Media Files and select the Gif you had saved before.


    With the same process now add the music file to your sources box or select some from Filmora Library.

filmora mac music library

    Drag down your gif file on top and the music file at the bottom of the timeline.

    The music file may be bigger than your Gif file so trim accordingly. 

split audio clips

    Once you have done that click the Play icon on your preview window and listen, the music should play along with your gif now.

dragging files down to the timeline in filmora

    To save it, you have to follow the same steps you followed before with the Gif. Click Export, but this time, save your file in mp4 format.

save in the right format

After you have exported the file it will take its time to render the effect before saving just like before. So be patient with it.

Note that it is preferred that you send your greeting in an mp4 file. Gif formats are very old and were used to save space. These days, it does not save space rather it takes more as it is a lossless format. 

Mp4 files however will give you the option to add extra effects and music to your greeting and will also be smaller in size. The effect rendering will also take much less time in creating the mp4 video. You will just have to add a couple of extra steps in your Filmora X software.


If you hate the old boring ways of wishing someone “Happy Birthday” through text or call, there are other creative ways to do it. You can either send them a self-created happy birthday Gif or even add music to it and send it to them to make them feel more special. It may seem hard and time-consuming but with video editing software like Filmora X, it can be done within a matter of minutes.

If you follow a few easy steps, your friends will feel like you have composed a beautiful handwritten letter to them just like in the old days. You can either prefer to send your loved one either a simple soundless Gif or add music to it so they can dance to your greeting. However, when you add music to your file, it will be saved in mp4 format instead of Gif. But hey, it comes with smaller file size.

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