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How to Make a Multi-Camera Video on iPhone/Mac?

Dec 10, 2020• Proven solutions

Multi-camera or picture-in-picture video can help in creating different types of videos. It is the effect that puts the smaller window inside the larger window enabling you to watch both at the same time. It is called doubletake effects. 

The effect is used when one set of images or videos have to be displayed at the same time on one screen to convey additional details or tell a story. Developing multi-camera videos is one of the best ways to create play-by-play or reaction videos. Doubletake video enables you to showcase yourself on camera and also what is happening in the main video. It is the kind of video that has become highly popular on YouTube.

You can easily create multi-screen videos. There are two different ways to do that. 

  • The first method is to shoot the video on software supporting simultaneous shooting in multiple cameras like FilmoraGo. The method will allow you to overlay a video or an image on a video, adjust the position, and add elements to the video overlay. 
  • In this case, you shoot multiple videos and then merge them to get a picture-in-picture effect. You will find apps for this too. 

Section 1. How to Make Multi-Camera Video on iPhone?

In case you would like to create a doubletake video on your iPhone, you can take the help of an editing app. Let’s take a look at a few apps that will help in creating these videos. 

1. FilmoraGo: The First Video Editor Supports Doubletake

This is a magical video editing app for iOS smartphones and tablets. With this, you can easily create a multi-camera video. The app comes with a plethora of features. You can edit your video and add the desired effects. It provides features like filters, trim, and transition. It can also automate the video and let you use only the best parts. 


FilmoraGo is the top choice for professionals who want to create picture-in-picture video. 


    Easy to Use

    Allows you to edit with the help of multiple features

    Free to download


    Doesn’t have a video recording option


This is one of the most professional video overlay apps for Android and iOS. It comes loaded with different features. The app supports diverse video layers, texts, audio, images, and effects. KineMaster all offer a wide array of tools that lets users create high quality and video overlays. 


When you have KineMaster on your iPhone, you will have complete control over the videos as it will let you trim the videos by frame and also be ultra-precise with the transitions and effects. 


    Lets you edit on the go

    Offers free trial version

    Provides templates that make video editing quicker and easier


    To make the most of this app, you have to pay for the subscription

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

It is a video overlay tool that comes with two video editing modes, the free and the automatic mode. The features it offers are ideal when it comes to creating video overlays and users have complete control to give quick edits. It lets you add the effects you desire. Adobe Premiere Clip has a simple-to-use interface that has several editing options. You can use the features that help in creating high-quality and sleek videos easily. The app is available for iOS, as well as Android devices. 



    A pleasing and clear interface enables users to manage it easily

    Created videos can be synced to other devices to edit


    Requires you to sign-up to use it and doesn’t have a timeline view

Section 2. How to Make a Multi-Camera Video on Mac?

You can also create a multi-camera video on Mac with the help of different video editors. Here are a few video editors that you can consider using. 

1. FilmoraX

One of the best picture-in-picture or multi-camera app available for Mac is FilmoraX. One of the best things about this app is it supports all video formats. It has been designed to help with speeding up the video editing process. You can use this with complete ease. Unlike the other apps that you will come across, Filmora has new features. 

Using this video editor, you can overlay an image on video or a video on video. You can also change the shape of overlays with this editor. 


    Supports all types of video formats

    Offers more than 300 styles and visual/audio effects

    Offers advanced video editing options


    Doesn’t offer a video recording option

2. iMovie

iMovie is a consumer-grade editor that has been optimized for Apple hardware. It is just perfect when it comes to creating an overlay video. The video editor is free for anyone who uses a Mac device. This software has been designed for consumers who have to create videos quickly with footage that is stored in the Photo Library. iMovie uses a simplified timeline editor which doesn’t allow for multi-track editing.


Even though it has a linear editing user-interface, the app is highly optimized for handling 4K video. 


    Easy-to-use user interface

    Can handle 4k video

    Can edit videos rapidly


    Not available for free

3. OpenShot

This is an open-source and free video editor. OpenShot has an impressive list of features. Nevertheless, the interface is a tad outdated and might disappoint some users. 

This cross-platform open-source software has been around since 2008. It aims to offer free and stable video editing features. The project offers several updates every year. It has grown over the years and supports a wide range of formats. Through OpenShot, you will get access to audio/video tracks, transition features, and a heap of additional features.


    Free to use

    Open-source platform with several features


    The interface is old-school and drab


The picture-in-picture effect is a cool way to display more than one photo at a time in your video. 

In case you are planning to edit video on the go on your iPhone, you can choose one of the best video editing apps listed above. However, if you would like to create high-quality and professional video files on Mac, choose a trusted video editing software for Mac. 

FilmoraX is probably the best app to use. There are plenty of features to satisfy professional, as well as beginner video editors. 

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