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Corel VideoStudio Pro VS Pinnacle Studio 23

Aug 31, 2020• Proven solutions

VideoStudio Pro and Pinnacle Studio 23 really make a great difference! Both of these video editing options come from the same manufacturer, Corel, and each of them offers solid all-around features for consumer-level video editing. What's more, the two video editing programs have very similar capabilities which makes the choice between the two much less obvious.

If you are thinking about purchasing Pinnacle Studio 23 or VideoStudio Pro, but can't quite decide which one to choose, you are in the right place, because in this article we will take a look at the most important attributes of each of these editing programs in order to provide you with all the information you'll need to reach your decision.

Corel VideoStudio Pro VS Pinnacle Studio 23 

Obtaining a new editing software is a long-term investment since you'll be using it for a prolonged period of time. Anticipating which editing tools you'll need as your skills and knowledge development is a sure way to pick the right software. Here are some of the most important pieces of information that can assist you in making the right choice.

1. Price and Availability

Software Pinnacle Studio 23 Corel VideoStudio
Price $129,95 $79,99
OS 64 -bit Windows 10 recommended, Windows 8,7 Windows 7,8,10 - 64-bit OS recommended
Processor Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 or AMD A4 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon A10 Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 or AMD A4 3.0 GHz or AMD Athlon A10
RAM 4GB minimum, 8GB is recommended 4GB, 8GB is recommended
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce 200 series, Intel GMA X300 or better. 512 MB VRAM recommended Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M or better. 512 MB VRAM recommended
Minimum Display Resolution 1024X768 1024X768
The minimum amount of hard-disc space 8GB 4GB

In order to run your editing software smoothly, you need to make sure that your computer has all the necessary requirements. The Pinnacle Studio and Corel VideoStudio have nearly identical system requirements, since both software demand 64-bit Windows operating systems, but if you are using a version of Windows older than Windows 7, you will not be able to install either of these video editing software on your computer. Furthermore, each software demands the same type of processor, Intel Core i3 or better, while Corel's video editing programs also require 8GB of RAM memory to perform more demanding editing operations.

The largest difference between the Pinnacle Studio and Corel VideoStudio, in regards to the system requirements, is the amount of hard-disc space needed for the full installation of the software. Pinnacle Studio requires at least 8GB of free storage space, while the VideoStudio needs only 4GB. Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 has a slight advantage over Pinnacle Studio 23, because it is more affordable, and it requires less storage space, but all other system requirements are nearly identical for these two editing programs.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 has a slight advantage over Pinnacle Studio 23, because it is more affordable, and it requires less storage space, but all other system requirements are nearly identical for these two editing programs.

2. Interface and Usability

Most consumer-level video editors don't want to waste time looking for tools and options, and as a matter of fact a user-friendly interface can often be the reason why editors pick one software over the other. The latest version of VideoStudio brings a nice refreshment in the form of different modes that make editing faster and to a certain degree, less complicated. 'Capture', 'Edit', and 'Share' modes clearly separate the steps of the video editing process and allow for better navigation through the software's interface.

Like Corel VideoStudio Pro, Pinnacle Studio 23 features Import, Edit, and Export modes that enable its users to have better control over the video editing process. The software also provides 'Project Bins' to its users, a feature that allows you to store all media files you want to use in a project in the same bin. The 24 track timeline is perfectly designed so it can be used for large, medium-sized, and small projects, and in addition, Pinnacle Studio 23 allows its users to search any type of content. Users who want to use shortcuts can easily customize keyboard shortcuts.

3. Features and Capacity

A number of video editing options provided by editing software are among the most important factors if not the most important factor that determines the quality and the potential of the software. Corel VideoStudio Pro has a respectable capacity and the latest version of the software will allow you to combine footage from several different cameras via its 'Multi-Camera' tool, which is a great feature for all users who need to easily combine footage captured from different camera angles. Furthermore, the software offers a 'Motion Tracking' option that can be very useful to editors who need to add moving text or blur faces. VideoStudio also enables its users to add visual effects, perform color correction, or use its audio editing tools. After a learning curve, the users can make a great video with VideoStudio.

As for Pinnacle Studio 23, it offers a perfect blend of basic and cutting-edge editing features that can meet the demands of a wide range of users. The software enables you to utilize its advanced 3D features, while it also provides superb 360-degree video editing options. It helps you to quickly fix common issues with its easy to use cropping, color-enchanting, or video rotation tools. 'Stop Motion Animation' feature is also on the list of amazing video editing options provided by the Pinnacle Studio 23 while applying visual effects is a simple process that takes a minimum amount of time.

It seems that Pinnacle Studio 23 is a great option in the Corel's offer of video editing software because it can be used to edit consumer-level and near-professional level videos with the same amount of efficiency. But VideoStudio is still a solid option for aspiring videographers and video editors who would like to use affordable and reliable software to edit their footage.

How to Choose between Corel VideoStudio Pro X10.5 VS Pinnacle Studio 23

The choice between these two editing programs is not an easy one because they both provide a plethora of video editing options as well as the support for the latest video file formats which enable their users to capture their videos with the latest video recording equipment.

Corel VideoStudio Pro is a better choice if editors who can't afford to pay too much for their video editing software, but still need relatively powerful software that can provide more than just basic video editing options. However, the editors who haven't used Corel VideoStudio before must make an effort to learn and then master this software.

Pinnacle Studio 23 will be a better choice if video editing enthusiasts who plan on producing videos on a constant basis and don't mind investing as much as $130 in a video editing software will reap the benefits of Pinnacle Studio 23 because the software is well-equipped with editing tools required for nearly all editing tasks.

Alternative to Corel VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio - Wondershare FilmoraPro

Still don't know how to choose between Corel VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio 23? You can also consider one of their alternatives Wondershare FilmoraPro.

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To sum up

Now you must have a better understanding of Corel VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio 23. And we also introduce their alternative Wondershare FilmoraPro for you. You can consider your purchase from their price, usability, key features, and compatibility, etc. All of them will give you more control over the video effects, texts, titles, and transitions. The feature sets for each one are different. Neither is a 'better' program than the other, but one or the other might be a better fit for you. Just pick the one you love, and get started!

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