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Tips for better experience on Samsung Gear VR

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Jan 14, 2022• Proven solutions

If you are the owner of a Samsung smart phone, you should check into the newest accessory, the Samsung Gear VR headset . If you haven’t heard of it yet, you will be pleasantly surprised with the features and benefits it can offer. When you get your own Samsung Gear VR, it will be time for you to review everything it can do and ensure you fine tune things for the best viewing pleasure.

Positioned in a Comfortable Chair

With the opportunity to enjoy a 360-degree virtual reality you can sit and spin yourself around. It’s important to do this in moderation so that you don’t get too dizzy and fall to the floor. The best option is to make sure you are not standing and are positioned in a comfortable chair. This will make it much easier for you to turn around and ensure you are safe during the process.

Add a Pair of Headphones

When you think of Virtual Reality, it’s typically about how awesome the experience is correct? Don’t forget to let your ears in on the fun. A cheap pair of headphones will improve your gaming experience as well as your applications and videos. You don’t want to rely just on your phones speakers this won’t give you the experience that you want.

Ensure you are Comfortable

The one thing that will keep you from enjoying the virtual reality experience is having to go through motion sickness. You want to make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position and on a comfortable seat. You can even turn on the comfort mode that the Samsung Gear VR offers to help to reduce any discomfort, sickness or eyestrain you may experience.

Remove Distractions

In real life the one thing you always experience is distractions. You cannot get the full virtual reality experience when you are distracted. When you are using the phone for a virtual reality experience thing like messages, reminders, notifications and phone calls can interrupt you. The good thing is that you can turn all of these potential distractions off by putting on the Do Not Disturb feature. You will be able to experience a gaming and video experience free from any distractions.

Keep Your VR Set Clean

There can be nothing to dampen your experience more than a dirty headset. You don’t want to get excited and have everything prepared to experience the best possible virtual reality experience only to find a bit of dirt in the way. Keep a can of air handy to ensure it cleans the lenses of your VR headset so that it can stay crystal clear.

Get a Compatible Gamepad

The built-in touch pad only goes so far when it comes to the potential virtual reality experience. Some of the better games will need a gamepad. You can purchase one as access for an affordable price virtually anywhere.

Monitor Battery Life

When you are playing on your phone and using the Samsung Gear VR headset, you should keep a close eye on your battery level. There are built in features for charging so that you can keep the set plugged in while you are playing to make sure your battery keeps a full life. If you are wanting to play however wire free, you may want to make sure you don’t get too caught up in the gaming experience and let your battery diet.

Remove Lenses Fog

The fog in your lens may be irritating when you are trying to play. The reason you experience fog in the lenses is due to the fluctuating temperatures which will cause the fog to come and go from time to time. Using an antifogging product can help to ensure you won’t experience any fog on his lenses to help keep the temperature at bay.


The new Samsung Gear VR can help to give you a wonderful virtual reality experience that allows you to get in on the game and become one of the key players. When you are looking to experience the best possible gameplay, you should follow along with the above tips to help you get the most out of your new device.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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