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Top 10 iOS Tips and Tricks

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

With the release of the latest iOS 10 on September 13, many Apple users have exchanged their old system for the brand new Apple’s mobile platform. The iOS 10 is packed with loads of interesting features and functionalities which are sure to enhance your iPhone experience tremendously. In today’s post we will discuss a few handy tips and tricks which would help you unlock all the hidden features of your new system.

1. Raise to wake

This is a brand new lock screen feature which you would only find on iOS 10. This amazing feature would allow the user to unlock their phone screen by just picking it up. Of course you can always choose to turn it off. This useful feature would allow the user to check their phone without having unlock the screen. You no longer need to press your home or power button to wake the phone screen. This feature is available in iPhone 6S, 6s plus and iPhone SE.

2. Changes in iMessage

While sending a message from the iPhone the user can select how the bubble would look like on the screen of the receiver. Once you have typed the text you need to tap and hold the ‘send’ button where you will find the following options: Invisible Ink, Slam, Gentle and Loud. If you want to quickly respond to a text message all you need to do is tap on it twice and a tiny menu would appear just above the message. Now you can send a quick emoticon (or anything else) which would appear on top of the concerned text. Tapping the camera icon on the iMessage would allow you to insert a photo along with the text. Tapping the camera icon on the iMessage will allow you to snap a picture and attach it with the text message or send some recently taken photo from your library. When you send a page link in your message, the content of the link would automatically be expand and displayed.

3. Use the home button to unlock your phone

The iOS 10 has done away with the ‘Swipe to unlock’ feature and instead makes use of the ‘home’ button for the same purpose. Though many iPhone users are not happy about this drastic change, it surely comes with a few advantages. It can be a good idea to scan your fingerprint (with the touch id fingerprint scanner) while you press the ‘Home’ button to unlock your phone. However you can always choose to unlock your phone without pressing the Home button by changing the settings. For this you need to go to Setting and then under General click on Accessibility. Now under Accessibility go to the 4th group and click Home Button. Now toggle the setting so that the ‘rest finger to open’ is enabled.

4. Clever Siri

The Siri of your iPhone has gotten cleverer as Apple is allowing other apps in your device communicate with Siri. So now if you want to go someplace all you have to do is tell Siri which would then ask Uber for a cab.

5. Light socket water warning

The iOS 10 would warn the user whenever it senses water in the lightning ports. So the next time the lightning cable or any other accessory of your phone gets wet from the rain or a spill your device would immediately warn you.

6. Removal of Stock Apps

Apple has finally conceded to the wishes of its users and one can now choose to remove all the stock apps from the home screen. Now you can do away with apps like Apple Maps, Face Time, iTunes Store or Calendar and remove them from your Home Screen. Though the apps are not permanently deleted from your phone you would still require to download them from the App Store in case you want them back on the Home Screen.

7. Changes in iPhotos

Apple has introduced some really beneficial changes in their photo app allowing the users to search for people, things or locations. Ardent photographers with thousands of picture in their library can now easily find the images they are looking for. All you need to do is tap the search button (the tiny blue magnifying glass) in your iPhoto app. Now you just need to type the keywords which would help you locate your images. You can type the name of places or things to find the photo quickly.

8. Split Windows in Safari

One of the most notable changes in the iOS 10 is the ability to work on two separate windows in Safari. iPad users just need to tap and hold the screen and select ‘Open in Split view’. This would enable you to view two pages simultaneously- each with its unique tabs and address bar. In case you have opened more than one tab then you need to drag one of them from the tab bar and remove it to the right hand side of the screen. It would immediately slot right into its place in the Split View.

9. Optimize your music

Those of you who are using a 16 GB iPhone would find this feature really helpful. The iOS 10 would let you know which of your downloaded songs are occupying a lot of space and you can choose to have them removed. The space consuming music would automatically be deleted from your device when you run low on storage space. In order to enable this feature you need to go to Settings- Music followed by Optimize Storage.

10. Improved Keyboard

This is one new feature which all the users might not be enticed to try straight away. However once you get used to it, your smartphone experience is going to enrich tenfold. The all new keyboard of iOS 10 is capable of reading your messages and it understand what is being communicated. It can search the info in your phone and provide people with prompt answers. For example if a friends asks for you email id, it would quickly pop up in the suggestion box. You need not have to type anything and you can send the answer straight away.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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