Video tips for a better flipped classroom

By Apr 24,2017 11:58 am

Simply put, the flipped classroom is an instructional strategy that focuses on delivering the instructional content outside of the classroom. This can be either outside or online, it all comes down to the teacher preferences but the value does change based on that thing alone to begin with. Within the flipped classroom you will see that students can collaborate in online discussions, they conduct their own research and they can even have a mentor if they want to. This strategy comes in handy because it features bended learning and it just makes the entire learning experience faster, better and more refined to begin with. It’s all about having the right way to learn here and this type of classroom helps quite a bit.

Video tips for a better flipped classroom

Using videos in a flipped classroom is very interesting and it does help you obtain an interesting value to begin with. It’s all about finding the right approach and the ultimate experience so you should totally consider accessing this type of results the best way you can. Of course, using the right tips will indeed make the learning process better and a lot easier which is why you should consider using the flipped classroom idea to generate better results.

  • 1. Create a flipped strategy

You can encourage students to make videos on their own. They can either use the regular videos they can find online or they can combine the stuff they record with the things that are already there. Video editors that can be used for this type of task include Wondershare FIlmora, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

A good flipped strategy can also mean that you should create these videos on your own if you so desire. The idea here is that you need to figure out what content is important for the lesson and then you can mix and match. It really is an important achievement and the results do pay off really well if you choose to go down this route for sure.

  • 2. Start with smaller scales

You don’t have to do all lessons as a flipped classroom. You can start with videos for only the most important lessons during the semester and then you can see the student reaction before proceeding. In fact, this is one of the best approaches that you can access and it does help quite a bit. It’s all about finding a really good experience and the outcome will be worth it for sure.

  • 3. Get student understanding and support

There are times when students might not have a positive reaction if they need to watch videos outside of their regular class schedule. This is why you need to explain then that doing so will offer a great positive impact and it will also boost their knowledge. Doing this will always pay off and it will offer you an immense experience that you will appreciate and enjoy.

  • 4. Teach them how to watch videos

Watching instructional videos is not like watching a movie, you need to make your students understand that. Students need to write down the important notes as they are watching and they also need to prepare for questions about the video. This means that more attention to detail is needed and you have to do all in your power in order to obtain great results and a very good experience.

  • 5. Encourage students

Always try to bring a sense of encouragement to the table. Doing that will allow your students to deliver better results and the entire experience will be a lot better to begin with.

  • 6. Do not use video as the single engagement tool

Try to use multiple engagement tools if you want to generate better results. Videos, music, images and multimedia are great for any flipped classroom and you should always try to consider using all of these. They are fast, efficient and offer a very good value right from the start.

  • 7. Make videos interactive and short

You don’t need to have the videos span over hours and hours of information. It’s just boring and you can rest assured that students will not understand that much. Because of that, you need to create videos that are interactive, short and fun to watch. If you do that then you will have a much better result with your flipped classroom.

  • 8. Communicate with other teachers

Sharing solutions, ideas and creating flipped classroom videos that bounce off one another is great. Not only that, but they will also allow your students to learn even more new things in the long run.


These are the main strategies that you need to focus on if you want to have the best results with a flipped classroom. You just need to take your time and make sure that you integrate these tips to generate a great outcome. It might not be easy at first, but it will offer the perfect value and results so give it a try and you will not regret it!

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