What's New in Photos on iOS 10?

Apple has surprised its fans in the field of Photos, with some truly amazing special features that improve the overall user experience and open up a new world of potentials. Of course, this is a breakthrough for iOS because prior to the latest addition of iOS 10 there were no solid features enabling the adequate process of photos in any way. This is a big step for Apple, and so far it has been embraced positively by the fans. Let’s have a closer look at the major features offered on iOS 10 and apparently iPhone 7.

What’s new in Photos on iOS 10

  • New Album:

    One of the nicest features on iOS 10 is the interface of the New Albums. Upon opening New Albums, you will be displayed thumbnails that display all the albums you have available. By default, you will see People and Places. According to the type of each photo, you will find it categorized in these albums. People album has got pretty cool features itself. You can see which persons are most commonly found in your pictures and merge all the photos. When you tap on a specific person, you can see more details about him or check out more photos of the same person. As for the Places album, it typically shows you where you were upon capturing a specific picture.

  • Search algorithm setup:

    Another wonderful feature of iOS 10 Photos is the search algorithm setup that has been proven exceptionally helpful. With the use of detailed algorithms, you can now search among all your photos for specific details. For instance, if you want to search for a cool picture that you have taken on holidays and you do not remember anything but the Martini you were drinking, just type Martini. You will be given all the relevant pictures without breaking a sweat.

  • Memories:

    Memories will also fascinate you on iPhone 7 and iOS 10. Upon selecting Memories, you will be displayed quite a few different memories of yours based on a specific timeline or location. This is a great way to keep track of what happened on a particular day a long time ago. You can even add the memory to your favorites and make more convenient use of them over time. Finally, instead of the Edit button, you can now find a bunch of sliders. You check the photos, and then you tap on each of them for more details.

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Bottom Line

Apple has certainly put a lot of effort in Photos iOS 10. There are wonderful additions and conveniences that were not there in the previous versions of iOS. It is a great thing that they have invested in the quality of videos and photos, so as to allow iOS 7 users to enjoy their phone to its maximum performance. With features like Memories and New Albums, taking pictures becomes even more pleasurable. You can now enjoy high-quality resolution and amazing storage possibilities on your iPhone 7.

Above anything else, iOS 10 has definitely nailed it with the introduction of sophisticated search algorithms. You can easily keep track of your every picture and find it among thousands of others on your iPhone. The process is not simple, as it includes the combination of algorithms. However, you do not have to do anything for searching through all these pictures. You simply type in the keyword that you remember about the photo and the results are promptly unfolded before your eyes!

Mar 11,2017 11:15 am
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