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How To Add Music In Premiere Pro?

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 19, 22, updated Feb 29, 24

Everyone does not have good skills in using Premiere Pro and understanding the complete interface to utilize all features and functionalities. Due to it, some people want to know how to add music to premiere pro and get a video with desired musical background. In the upcoming paragraphs, you will get complete information about the Premiere Pro and related factors.

 Part 1 Add Music In Premiere Pro

Many individuals are interested in figuring out the best way to add music to the video and create amazing content. However, if you are also interested in gathering details about this particular procedure, you should focus on the following data.

Step1 Get Your Audio

Find your audio

Firstly, you should proceed by getting audio on your device. There are multiple ways to get desired audio files, music, or sound effects. For example, you can use YouTube to get the desired file, use third-party sources to download, create your own, or other sources. If you get the required music on the device, you should open the Premiere Pro first. Now, you should proceed with the procedure of importing the file. Here, you need to find out Premiere Pro’s interface requirements.

Step2 Add Audio To Your Sequence

Add audio to your sequence

After importing the audio file, it will be added to the Premiere Pro’s music library. First, you need to pick the video you want to edit and get featured with the audio file. After choosing the video, you should try to audio first. When adding audio to the source panel, you can use drag and drop features to adjust it according to the video length and background requirements.

Before all these things, you should try to listen to the audio file you add. It will help make sure that you choose the best file or not. Here, you should also trip the audio file as per the size or duration of your video file.

Step3 Make Adjustments In Audio

Make audial adjustments

If you successfully added an audio file to the video, you should start paying attention to the audio adjustments. Premiere Pro allows you to make all types of required adjustments and changes in the audio files.

You can trim, edit, or process audio files easily. For example, if you feel that the audial effects or files are too loud, you can adjust their volume and effects by using the audio track mixer feature.

It is the complete process of adding music to premiere pro and creating some featured videos with ease. If you want to gather more information about the tool and its services, you can check out the official website and its shared guides & tutorials.

 Part 2 Alternative For Premiere Pro To Add Music To Video

For some people, Premiere Pro is not a perfect software or tool to proceed with all these things. Due to it, they start looking for some effective and better alternatives by which they can proceed easily and get good results. If you are also looking for some better alternatives, you should be focused on the following points.

Alternative 1: Filmora

When choosing one of the best video editors with lots of features and functionalities, you will not find a better option other than Filmora. Wondershare develops it. According to the professionals, it can be a big helping hand for beginners who start developing and testing their video editing and creativity skills.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started quickly with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!


The most important thing about the Filmora is that it is one of the easiest video editors to use. Anyone can easily understand its interface, availability of features & functionalities, and how to use them. In case someone faces issues in understanding all these things, they can access detailed guides and tutorials of the procedures.

As a result, you can proceed as you want without facing a single problem. Moreover, along with all these things, you will get a big music library with software that allows you to add different types of sound effects and audio files to the videos without spending a single penny.


User-friendly interface

Regular feature updates

A big library

Available for both Windows and Mac


May some audio features lack

If you pay attention to its drawbacks, you will not find much. However, with it, we cannot ignore the fact that the tool is available with a complete setup of audio keyframing features. Using it, you can edit and operate audio as per your requirements. All these things make it the best video editor compared to numerous other options or software.

Alternative 2: Final Cut Pro

Make audial adjustments

Apple develops final Cut Pro. It is a paid video editor with a big price tag of 299.99$. It also provides a free trial but afterward, you will not be able to use anything without paying money.

According to the professionals, this software is suitable for both types of users; students and professionals. By using this tool, you can also deal with the tasks like – HDR color grading, editing 360-degree videos, etc.

The availability of different features and elements can make lots of things easier for the users. However, with it, you cannot ignore the high price. Due to it, it is out of their budget for many individuals.


Good interface

Free updates

Good features


Too expensive

Updates issues

These are some key factors related to the Final Cut Pro. However, with it, you cannot ignore the biggest drawback. This particular editing software is available only for Mac devices. You cannot access it on Windows and other operating systems.

Alternative 3: CyberLink PowerDirector

Make audial adjustments

CyberLink develops CyberLink PowerDirector. It is available with a free trial of 30 days. After the free trial period, you need to pick one paid subscription plan out of three. These three plans are named – 365, ultimate, and ultra. It appears as the best option for editors or professionals with mid-level skills. They can complete all types of tasks by using it. It can be accessed on both Windows and Mac devices.

The main features of CyberLink PowerDirector are – customizable motion graphics, stock library, and a mask designer.


By focusing on these shared details, you can quickly figure out how to add music premiere pro. Moreover, you can also clarify its procedures and some additional aspects. You can also figure out what software can also fulfill the requirements of Premiere Pro. It will help you understand which one should be considered the best and get better results. While choosing the best options, you should be focused on several things, such as – features, functionalities, free stuff, library, etc. You should check out the software’s interface, price of service plans, and update the history with these aspects. Consequently, you can easily choose the best video editor.

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