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Best 5 Apps To Add Song To Video

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 07, 22, updated Jul 23, 24
Versatile Video Editor - Wondershare Filmora

Are you interested in video editing? Do you want to create some awesome videos with lots of sounds and visual effects? If you are interested in all these things, you should be focused on choosing a good video editing tool. For example, if you search for the best app to add a song to a video, you will get hundreds of options immediately. But, the most significant factor is which one is the best application to consider.

Before choosing an application or finalizing the decision, you should focus on multiple aspects, such as which device you want to use, what kind of features you like, what purpose you want to serve, etc. In this blog, you will get introduced to one of the best video applications for mobile platforms, both iOS and Android. For creating this list, we conduct proper research and analysis.

 Part 1 Tops Mobile Applications For Adding Song To Video



Filmora is the best video editing application that can help you create videos as per your requirements and explore creativity as you want. The platform provides top-notch services with more than 1000 music options, 5000 stickers, emojis, text, filters, backgrounds, etc. These things will help you gain lots of benefits and create a perfect video that can impress the audience with ease.

The application has multiple features to facilitate the client's different requirements. The most important thing about Filmora is that it provides only 100% free services. You don't need to spend a penny on video editing and related factors.



VivaVideo is also a free video editor. It can be used for different purposes, such as – video editing, video merger, video joiner, video splitter & cutter, video maker with song, video speed control, video creator app, add music to video, adding text & stickers to video, video effect editors, video sound effects, and download & edited share results. You can easily do all these things by considering the option of VivaVideo.

When it comes to downloading the video, you will get multiple options. You can download videos up to 4K optical resolution quality. The users can also share videos directly to other platforms, such as – Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. For availing of top-notch services with all features, you can take its subscription.



If you are looking for a video editor with some modern features, you can go with the option of Magisto. It will help you edit videos as you want by adding multiple visual and musical effects. If you want to create a video using different types of photographs, you can also consider its option. You can create image slide show-based videos by adding music in the background. The most important thing about this particular video editor is that it has a user-friendly interface to proceed. The process of using the application is easy and simpler as compared to some other options.

You can also choose Magisto for some other activities, such as – creating photo collages, video collages, featuring good background music, etc.



Many individuals are looking for a tool that can help them remove original sound or music from a video and replace it with an impressive one. A video is highly dependent on the background music or sound effects. By using InShot, it can become more accessible for everyone to proceed as they want. Inshot also has a music library that provides you access to multiple audio files and tracks for making your video much better. You can also use it for conversion procedures, such as – video to audio.

Video Editor – Glitch Video Effects

Video Editor Glitch Video Effects

It is an influential video editor with several benefits. The application is created by adding a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface that can help you get desired results after following a minor and essential procedure. Using the application, you can quickly get work done on adding a song to a video with some fantastic effects. You can also use external audio files from the device to merge with the video.

These are some significant options regarding a good add song to the video app. You can pick one as per your preference and suitability. By paying attention to the following details, you can gather details about one of the best applications and how to use it.

 Part 2 How To Add Song In Video App?

When adding a song to a video, everyone does not have complete technical knowledge. Due to it, people are looking for the best options by which they can make it possible easily and experience multiple benefits. Here, we are going to share a complete guide regarding one of the best video editing apps for mobile devices i.e. Filmora.

Step-By-Step Procedure

Step1 Video Selection

Import or select videos

Firstly, you should proceed by choosing the video you want to edit. For such a task, you should access the Filmora application. In the first interaction, you can see the CREATE NEW VIDEO button on the interface. You should click the button and select the desired video from the device. After choosing the video, you should click the ADD button.

Step2 Add Audio To Video

Add audio to video

When the video is selected and added to the application, you should proceed with editing functionalities. Here, you should try to add audio to the videos. Here, you can see the option of MUSIC in the right toolbar. You can get an interface for choosing a song or audio file you want to add to the video by clicking such a button. The users will also get an option to listen to audio carefully to figure out the lyrics and outputs to make sure it is perfect for the video. After testing and confirming the audio, you should proceed further.

Step3 Export


After adding the audio and merging it with video, you should preview it once and then proceed by saving the changes. Now, you should focus on exporting the final files. While exporting files, you should be focused on some basic settings as well, such as – choosing the video format, etc.

Additional Tip: Add Song To Video On PC

In case you are looking for the best options that can be useful in making lots of things easier while editing a video, you should choose a good platform. Filmora is a good application for such a purpose, but you may lack some important features due to its accessibility on mobile devices. Here, please consider the option of a PC to proceed with all these things.

When considering PC options, you will not find a better video editor than Filmora. It is one of the best video editors. It provides multiple features and facilities to edit and process a video file. Filmora also has an extensive music library that allows you to access numerous audio files without any problem. You will get various visual effects to feature in the video and make it impressive and effective. In case you face any problem or confusion while using the application, you can access the official sources and easily go through the textual guides.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!



Final Words

All these details will help you understand lots of things about the procedures and methods of adding a song to a video. In case you still have any confusion or problem regarding how to add songs in a video app procedure, you can check some tutorials or guides on the internet. It can be useful in understanding things more perfectly and getting proper clarity about everything. Having proper knowledge of using a video editing application can help you get quality results in the form of an impressive video as well.

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